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  1. Signals

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    1. How old do you feel and how does that number stack up against your current age?

    2. If you could design any new ride or attraction for Walt Disney World, what would it be?

    3. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how honest do you think you are?

    4. "Today I really need to get me some ______________."

    5. Plans for the weekend?
  2. tomson75

    tomson75 Brain Dead Shill

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    1. Well, considering a large part of my life revolves around skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, riding mx, fishing, and otherwise goofing off....I'd say I feel pretty young. Mentally and physically I seem several years younger than I am...although my sore joints and bruises often remind me that I'm not.

    2. A spacewalk. An attraction where everyone could experience zero gravity.

    3. 9.5. I pride myself on being honest, especially when it matters, but I'm not immune to the occasional small fib....especially when it satisfies my girlfriends' children. I've got to stop that.

    4. Exercise. I ate about 3,000 calories for dinner last night.

    5. Meeting my girl's parents in Annapolis, MD.
  3. Jon88

    Jon88 Benched

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    1. I feel like I'm about 26.

    2. Just some very tall roller coaster with a lot of loops.

    3. 8. I've been known to tell small lies because I'm good at foreseeing what will happen if I tell the truth in some situations. I'm honest when it comes to not cheating anyone. I do believe in Karma.

    4. Sleep. I have a test on Monday, a huge presentation on Tuesday, and a final on Thursday. I haven't slept well the last week or so.

    5. Study. Then study some more.
  4. vta

    vta The Proletariat

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    1. Varies too much to put a solid number on. Sometimes I feel like I'm 20, sometimes I feel like I'm 60. I'm smack dab in the middle of those two numbers.

    2.I'd have to get back to you...

    3. 9.875

    4. Port!

    5. Thankfully, I don't even know.
  5. Duane

    Duane Well-Known Member

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    1. I feel and look younger than my age but I'm starting to get some aches and pains that let me know I'm almost 40.

    2. It would be something laid back and easy going like a tube ride.

    3. Eight, I'm too honest most of the time.

    4. Mental rest.

    5. Probably not much. My g/f is working today and tomorrow so we won't have time to do much more than watch a movie or two and go out to eat.
  6. Kangaroo

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    I feel 37 wait I am 37 um so I just keep moving forward

    2. I redo the 20k league under the sea ride again but better was my favorite ride as a kid (was taken out several years ago)

    3. 8

    4. Exercise

    5. Packing and leaving for Cub Scout camp (we leave Sunday)
  7. Faerluna

    Faerluna I'm Complicated

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    1 - I feel like I'm in my early 30's, but I just turned 39 last week. I usually don't feel like I'm that old.

    2 - I have to agree with Duane on this one. :)

    3 - Probably an 8-ish.

    4 - Ice cream! I'm really in the mood for ice cream. :D

    5 - Work Saturday, nothing major for the rest of the weekend.
  8. Joe Rod

    Joe Rod When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

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    1. I feel 36 and I am 36, so I am about where I need to be. Could be because I was out Jet-Skiing yesterday on the ocean and am a little sore today. Those waves will beat you down.

    2. A Bolt ride based on the beginning five minutes of that movie. Great sequence.

    3. I am around an seven. I have a tendnecy to lie if it spares someone's feeling I care about.

    4. Quality time with my little girl. I took my son out for a "Guys Day out" yesterday afternoon and I really want to spend some time with her this evening.

    5. Going to walk the beach and pier tonight with the kids at Padre, going out to dinner and dancing with the wife tomorrow night and then hopefully going to go to see Judas Priest/Whitesnake on Sunday night.
  9. Joe Rod

    Joe Rod When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

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    That would be pretty cool. How's the "Summer of Tomson" going?
  10. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

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    1. 10 (or so) years younger than actual
    2. Never been there - don't know
    3. 9
    4. *****
    5. Work
  11. tomson75

    tomson75 Brain Dead Shill

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    Haha....very nicely actually. I've managed to keep work to a minimum, and I've been so active playing and traveling, that I'm actually sore almost 24/7. I'm heading to Annapolis this weekend and going to Vermont for the second time next thursday. I've been to the Outer banks twice, and Virginia Beach almost every weekend that I'm not doing something more fruitful.

    I have plans to do some offshore fishing in mid August, a weekend in the Bahamas shortly thereafter, and I'm going to catch the season opener in Tampa in early September.

    I can't complain. :)
  12. ArmyCowboy

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    1. Before or after my morning lift? Before..34, after..54 (I'm 44).

    2. Haven't been there since I was about 8

    3. About a 7

    4. Sleep. End of the week and waking up every moring at 0445 catches up with me on Friday.

    5. Going to the rodeo
  13. ethiostar

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    1. I feel like i'm in my late 20's but i will turn 38 in three months

    2. Not sure

    3. 9

    4. exercise

    5. Unpack and organize the new place:mad:
  14. MarionBarberThe4th

    MarionBarberThe4th Well-Known Member

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    Im 20, feel 25

    A coaster where the seats seperate from each othed at times and the belts appear to malfunction to scare first timers(copyrighted)


    football, pizza, and what bigdogcowboy said

    who knows

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