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    Sarah Piland Staff Writer
    Aug. 6 2004, 1:09 p.m. (PDT)

    The team practiced in shoulder pads and shorts in Friday morning's practice, and according to head coach Bill Parcells, the Cowboys will practice Friday afternoon in only shells. Parcells made Friday a "back off day, physically" because he's been working the team pretty hard up until now. The team will start working on two-minute drills today where they practice getting the ball down the field and using timeouts wisely as if they had to score in the last two minutes of a game. Saturday morning will be a review before they "get down to business" in the standup scrimmage Saturday afternoon which will be at least twice as many plays as the last scrimmage earlier in the week when there were 44. But there will be no all-out tackling, except on the goal line.

    Quick Shots:

    Rookies Bruce Thornton, Nathan Jones and Terrance Cooper practiced kickoff returns, and seemed to be doing quite well.
    Patrick Crayton, on the other hand, earned this from special teams coach Bruce DeHaven over the bullhorn for all to hear during the same drill: "Don't look for a hole, Crayton. You gotta hit this thing at 100 mph. You're not fast enough to look for a hole."
    Kickers Billy Cundiff and Jonathan Ruffin both went two-for-four on field goals, Ruffin continuing to struggle somewhat over this first week of camp.
    During Friday's goal line practice, the offense managed to get into the end zone four times while the defense held its ground for four plays.
    Also during goal line practice, Vinny Testaverde faked a handoff to Eddie George and ended up running the ball in. A fan yelled for Parcells to "take it out of the playbook. It'll never happen." On the next play, Eddie George ran the ball in and the same fan screamed, "Keep it."
    Former wide receiver and special teams player Billy Davis visited practice on Friday. Davis played for the Cowboys from 1995-98. Also visiting was former Giants safety Herb Welch, who started for Parcells during the 1986 season.
    You Should've Seen:
    Wide receiver Terry Glenn running a 10-yard out route and making a great catch on a throw from Testaverde. What was impressive was not only how Glenn beat Terence Newman's coverage, but how Testaverde threw the ball right past the cornerback.

    Who's Hot:
    Tight end Jason Witten has had an excellent camp so far despite dropping a would-be touchdown from Tony Romo during Friday morning's practice. He's fast, strong and is very consistent catching passes. The second-year veteran had 35 catches last year - the most for rookie tight ends in the NFL.

    Who's Not:
    Rookie tight end Sean Ryan is known as a great blocker, but seems to get open on the goal line quite often. The problem? He rarely catches the ball. During Friday morning's practice, Ryan dropped all but one catch, causing Parcells to snidely remark, "Finally."

    Injury Update:
    DT Leo Carson, sore knee (8-3), limited practice.
    Missed Practice:
    SS Darren Woodson, surgery to repair herniated disk (7-27) - out 6-8 weeks.
    C Gennaro DiNapoli, ankle stress fracture (June) - out one month.
    RB Erik Bickerstaff, surgery to repair torn Achilles - IR.
    Returned to Practice:

    QB Quincy Carter, released (8/4)
    LB Ryan Fowler, signed (8/4)
    WR James Newson, released (8/3)
    WR Brandon Middleton, signed (8/3)
    LB Ryan Fowler, worked out (8/3)
    OT Jacob Rogers, signed (7/30)
    WR Brandon Middleton, released (7/30)

    Top BILL-ing:
    "Larry Allen and Vinny (Testaverde) and (Darren) Woodson - they're in one group. And Richie Anderson. They're over here. You take 'em out, you get 'em tuned up, then you put a little wax on 'em and you shine 'em up and they're ready to go. There's no use putting them in a demolition derby forever. 'Cause you just damage your car." - Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells on why certain players are receiving limited repetitions in practice.

    Hi Mom!!!
    The most exciting thing that's happened at camp so far: Without a doubt, the termination of the Quincy Carter experiment. The day was long, and we had to change our plans in a moment's notice. What it did earn us, besides a sense of satisfaction at our resulting success, was a free dinner treated by Mickey and Nick! Oh the perks . . . Sarah Piland
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    that is one smart fan lol
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    She's no Chad Peters yet, but this little girl makes it an interesting read.

    Good one!

    Who sez? Vinnie is forty, but fit. I don't think Tuna will traet him all that gingerly if a "surprise" can end in 6.


    So Sarah was at the Last Supper. Bet that was an education for her.
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