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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Houstonboys13, Jul 31, 2006.

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    Haven't they had a lot more practice time than us?


    610's own G COBB was at camp today and reported to Ray Diddinger of NFL Films that the the Eagles recievers are just not getting open at all. He said that the offense looks like it is only capable of dumping off to Westbrook. G Cobb, after watching the team closely, predicted the team is in very deep trouble unless they pull off some type of blockbuster trade for some real WR help. Ray Diddiger agreed and predicted that the current roster will NOT make the playoffs this year.

    He also noted that Matt Schoble is a complete bust. He said he is dropping passes all over the place and even Marty Mortinwig mentioned that he might not make the team if he continues to drop passes. Ray Diddiger took the time to mention that Shchoble also posseses no blocking skills.

    On a side note from todays camp.. G Cobb also noted that Reggie Brown hurt his leg (hamstring?) and that he thinks Todd Pinkston is cooked.

    Now, Im really tired of the sugar coated camp reports. Why does it take this long to get a real report from camp? Most of us knew these recievers won't get it done.. why get everyones hopes up for undrafted players like Basketcase (who has been reported to only catch with his body and NOT with his hands.) We need real analysys.. not spadaro fed propeganda. I praise G Cobb for his honesty and bravery. He was very very critical of the Eagles recievers are even alluded that they could be the worst he ever seen of any team in his life.

    I really am dissapointed that the Eagles have millions of dollars in cap room sitting there while we are in desperate need of WRs. If we don't make the playoffs because of the lack of WR talent then somebody should be fired at years end for blantantly ignoring an obvious need.

    We deserve better.
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    Well certainly a different slant from what we've heard/read about how Eagles TC is going. When's there first preseason game? Aren't they slated to play the Raiders? in HOF game where our 2 Cowboys will be inducted? Hmmm.
  3. Screw The Hall

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    Well that just depresses the hell out of me. :)
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    oh how the mighty have fallen but unlike other great teams they never won a SB HAHAHA. its gonna be great seeing the Eagles fail miserably this coming year. Best thing about it is that Reid hates running the ball so imagine how bad their D is gonna get beat by the 3 or 4th game
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    Reid seems to have gotten a tad cocky. Philly, besides NE was the golden standard for the better part of the last 5 or so years. Reid has made several miscues, such as drafting Ryan Moats (moats is a good player, but not too different from Westbrook).

    Philly has always relied on their defence, and I will say, they have upgraded with Darren Howard. HOwever, they got away with letting impact players walk because they were cheap, see Corey Simon. I remember how much praise Brian Simonaue was getting, and how much credit Reid was getting for bringing him on board.

    Basically I really believe that Reid thinks that he can just throw anyone into the lineup and it will work. Andy Reid is very overrated in my book because his biggest succes was achieved when the NFC East, and the entire NFC was a complete joke.

    Philly failed miserably at addressing a key need. And sorry, but that defense just isn't good enough to carry them. Reid's decisions may have worked 5 years ago when he was up against Spurrier, Campo, and Fassel, but against Parcells, Gibbs, and Coughlin, the days of crusing to an NFC East crown are done.
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    I've long said that the Iggles only had 3-4 plays in their offense. Dump it to Westbrook in the flat, throw to LJ Smith, McNabb scramble, and dump it to Westbrook. Its been like that for about 4 years.
    That's why TO was so important to them, it gave them one more play to add to their Tecmobowl-like playbook.
    Whomever is managing Philthy's personnel should be fired immediately. Apparently, he is the only person on the planet that didn't know their WR corps was going to suck bigtime and probably be the worst in the league without TO. Not even an effort, to my knowledge, to bring in any of the numerous FA guys available. They wonder why the team is getting worse, newsflash, its because they let people walk and refuse to pay who they have.
    As much as I dislike TO, I'm actually starting to think less and less that the problem was on his end, I think the Eagles are probably at least as much to blame.

    As for deserving better, if ever there were fans who did NOT deserve better its philthy. In fact, they deserve a lot worse!
  7. Crown Royal

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    Yeah - but he was also fielding a team that competed nicely with the rest of the league as well.

    Reid is with the enemy, but I have respect for him. He was coach of the year for a very good reason.
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    Playing Devil's Advocate, could their offense be having trouble because their defense is just that good?
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    I agree that our WR corp could be upgraded. But you still haven't heard from a very credible sports source about the effectiveness/ineffectiveness of the Eagles offense.

    Igglephan merely has drawn attention to the strength of the Eagles defense. My question would be to ask you you really believe that teams will demonstrate their best in an "open" training camp forum? Look for timing, clean routes and basic fundamental components, ...not the 70 yard touchdown reception.

    This is only Training Camp.:rolleyes:

    BTW, did you seep the possiblility of the Eagles obtaining Lelie, or Porter. How reliable is that bit of Igglesphan trivia? You'd just Better Hope the Eagles defense isn't as effective against your offense.
  10. cwbyfan72

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    I understand the source not being "credible", but your response is soft.
    Yes i do believe that players are trying their hardest in TC. Jobs are on the line and these recievers are new. Do YOU really think they are not giving it their all? Now not all the plays are are being run and they have not had a chance to gel, but it has to worry you a bit, just as our OL worries us.
  11. CrazyCowboy

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    sorry to hear this bit of troubling news.
  12. America's Team

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    yeah when do they play the raiders
  13. BulletBob

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    G. Cobb used to play this game once, no?

    I believe he played for both of our favorite teams ...
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    Philly has always been a scheming offense that did not come right at you... at least until Terrell Owens arrived. It's been based on misdirection and quick passes since Reid was hired. Note also that our own defense has also been kicking our offense's collective butt up and down the field in camp thus far.

    It's clear none of the Eagles' receivers are special besides Brown-- when have they ever had them in Reid's tenure?
  15. lspain1

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    Your comment is right on. It is far too early to evaluate anyone's offense beyond the occasional individual effort, for the Eagles and for ourselves.
  16. SA_Gunslinger

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    nice to know we're not the only team with doom and gloom coming from the local media.

    i predict the ea-girls make a move for denver's disgruntled reciever very soon.
  17. ravidubey

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    Yep, either that or Oakland's disgruntled receiver. Wish there were some disgruntled OL out there!
  18. kmd24

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    I'd agree with this for the 11 man drills, but you have to remember that camp includes 7-on-7. In that drill, the receivers have a decided advantage, and - if they're any good - they should be getting open. Remember that TO made a few big plays in those drills so far in camp.
  19. kmd24

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    This is a particularly salient point considering that Washington made a couple of notable moves at the receiver spot. Despite what we think about Randle El and Lloyd, either player that the Skins signed would be in the starting lineup for the Eagles, IMO.

    So, while the Eagles sit on a treasure chest of cap room, the supposedly cap-strapped Skins go out and make the moves that the Eagles should be making. Is Lurie the new Bidwell?
  20. burmafrd

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    I have never known why the Birds get so much positive ink on having millions in cap money every year that they do not use. I am sure a lot of their former players would still be there if they had used some of it. And I bet its not far from the minds of their current players- anyway you look at it - its just plain dumb. looks like it is finally gonna bite them on the butt.

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