From BTB rating the positions against the division

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by waving monkey, Apr 3, 2014.

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    A pretty good article. I don't really disagree with anything, but would like to point out that the position groups we lose in are important ones and they are canyon sized gaps.
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    Don't disagree much with the position group rankings, but averaging each group collectively and unweighted is pretty silly.
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    I would disagree with LB and Safety.

    Mychal Kendricks certainly looks to be worth mention and along with Ryan I can't see Philly being 4th. In fact, I'd probably put them ahead of the rest with 2 quality LBs and lots of injured players competing with them.

    Dallas shouldn't be over anyone at safety. "Depth"? Apparently just means a pulse.
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    I'm not familiar enough with the Skins linebackers, but without Fletcher I can't disagree, I suppose.

    But Collinsworth must have been trolling with regard to his praise for Kendricks. The guy wasn't very good last year. Hell, he wasn't really all that good in the final game when he was being praised. Ryans has always been overrated and probably is on a clear decline now-- he had even a worse year than Kendricks.
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    I don't get the safety rankings either but maybe we have a future there - Church is solid and I expect one of these kids to really step up and take control of the other position this year - I am hoping it is Wilcox.

    I would love to see Johnson finally make the jump but I have zero confidence in the Glass-Man even making it through the pre-season.
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    Yeah, all other things being equal, a team with an outstanding O line and below average TE is probably always going to beat a team with a below average O line and an outstanding TE.
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