From SI Top 50 2010 Draft Prospects

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dallascowboyfanboy, Oct 24, 2009.

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    Here's an early look at Sports Illustrated's top 50 draft prospects next year. The 1st 2 rounds are deep at Off and Def Tackle and LBs, positions we need to get impact players in. I am hoping for #16 Oklahoma Off Tackle Trent Williams, #20 Alabama 375 NT Terrence Cody, #24 Texas LB Sergio Kindle,# 36 Texas Roderick Muckleroy.

    Surprised Texas' Colt McCoy ranked #47
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    I'd love to put Brandon Spikes on our defense.
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    12 OLB Jerry Hughes TCU
    24 OLB Sergio Kindle UT
    43 OG Mike Iupati Idaho

    btw, I like Hughes teammate a lot, ILB Daryl Washington.
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    With as deep as this draft will be I'd love to see Jerry pick up an extra two. With CBA expiring and rookie cap coming, everybody who is eligible will pile in this 2010 draft. Conversely 2011 will be watered down.
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    I thought T Williams was out played by the OT from BYU when the played
    T Williams really does nothing for me

    I much rather have A Davis
    or Bryan Bulaga*/T/Iowa
    Gabe Carimi*/T/Wisconsin

    and some work out a trade to get Mike Iupati/G/Idaho

    both in the same year

    OT and OG I would love it

    I would love us to see next year A Davis an Iupati on the left side on O line
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    34) Sean Weatherspoon/OLB/Missouri: Weatherspoon has been a tackling machine for Missouri since his sophomore season. He combines the athleticism and speed necessary to be a starting outside linebacker in the NFL.

    the only Q is where do we put him - I don't think a LBer will be drafted
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    Underrating CJ Spiller

    and Joe Haden.....I think he could be a great FS.

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