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    Yeah i like Dixon as a 3rd rd pick
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    I think both guys have significantly better speed/athleticism than Church. Church is a nice player, but has limitations in coverage due to relative lack of athletic ability. Not even saying I disagree to just let Wilcox prove himself and go in a different direction with the pick, but I honestly don't see the resemblance between either of these guys and Church.
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    people need to give all the athletic ability a rest when talking about church. the guy is one of the leading tacklers in the nfl. What makes Dix and Pryor different from church? they both arent fast at all. They have some range but arent the type of player that can play that high safety that dallas wants to. All you have to do is watch Dix vs Texas A&M and you will see Manziel picks on him over and over again because he cant keep up over the top. Pryor hes a little better but he;s not the ballhawk people want to claim he is. He had 2 ints. He is Wilcox from a big school. And people compare Wilcox to church.Dallas would be alot better going after terrence brooks. He is a way better prospect then either Dix or Pryor for what Dallas wants to do. He plays the ball better, and he has the speed to play over the top, and from the middle to the sideline. Plus he still gives you that physical playmaking S to go up and hit somebody. He's shorter then the other two but he has more bulk.
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    I'm not as low on Pryor/Clinton-Dix and you are, but I'm actually close to your level on Brooks. I'm at the point that I'd rather Brooks anywhere after R1 over Pryor or Clinton-Dix in R1. Brooks is a helluva player, and feel like he'll enter that R2 discussion in the coming weeks.

    I realize Church makes a lot of tackles, but that doesn't mean he possesses elite athleticism by any means. I just watch C-D and Pryor and find them to be better athletes, that's all. I do feel as though either could play single high FS. Now whether they can play it well enough to warrant a 1st round pick... I'm still debating.

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