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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Dec 1, 2011.

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    December 1, 2011

    Today, we will dip into some emails after I unveil a new feature to my blogs here that I admit is awful experimental.

    It is a "passing chart" based on where Tony Romo is going with his passes. I am not so interested in where the play ended, but rather where the pass was intended and completed. Blue passes are completions, red are incompletions, and purple are the two interceptions from Thanksgiving Day.

    Ideally, this will tell us things on a week to week basis such as: Where Tony Romo has tendencies to throw the ball (right handed QBs tend to throw right far more often, but Romo may not be as bad as many). How aggressive the game plan was in a given game (often times we rate aggressive game plans on a raw number of pass plays. However, this is a bad idea since not all pass plays are created equal. In the Jason Garrett offense, he substitutes short passes for run plays when he has no faith in a run between the tackles as we saw in New England and Minnesota the last time the Cowboys were in both places). It will also show us where they were attacking and what a defense was conceding.

    The yellow line is the line of scrimmage for each play. We attempt to mark the release point of Romo and the catch point of the receiver. Hypothetically, this will show us what throws Romo can make versus Kitna. It can also show us how they are using Dez Bryant if we make a chart for Bryant catches for the season (as we will do when the season ends).

    Read the rest:
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    Other teams take advantage of the middle of the field, it looks like we avoid it as if it were the plague. Seems like Witten used to be a regular over the middle but not according to this chart.
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    The Miami defense was forcing them to throw to the outside.

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