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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 6, 2012.

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    September 6, 2012

    Excuses. Built-in, ready-made excuses.

    There are injured players. The schedule set up poorly. The NFL made the Cowboys start camp later than anyone, but then they had to play the first game of the season. The replacement refs missed calls. So many guys missed portions of camp. The game in New York is the toughest game on the schedule. The team doesn't play well in prime time. The Super Bowl Champions always win their opener. The offensive line did not take a single snap together in the preseason. The Giants have the Cowboys' number. Phil Costa was injured on the third play of the game. It sure is tough to open with two games on the road. It is tough to be in good shape for Week 1. This is a long season. It is only one loss. Nobody is going to go undefeated.

    So many narratives that write themselves on the day after the first game of the season. The Cowboys had lots of comfy cliches and excuses they could have eased home on Thursday morning as they returned to Dallas. Nobody was going to blame them for losing to the Super Bowl Champions.

    Instead, they returned home with a win.

    There are so many talking points about the Week 1 victory over the New York Giants when you look back at this game. The one that pops quickly to mind is that this is not the type of game that these Cowboys usually find a way to win. And yet, when they did, when they popped adversity right in the kisser last night, it made you wonder what these guys might be capable of.

    This game was anything but a masterpiece of precision. Mistakes all over the field. Many of them caused by an offensive line that could not stop taking penalties. Presnap call after presnap call. False starts because of jumping linemen. Delay of games, because the QB cannot get the new center to snap the ball. An interception that was thrown into coverage. A holding penalty on Jason Witten that certainly could have cost the team the game.

    Read the rest:
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    "Last night, they asked the Giants to stop their offense. And the Giants were ill-equipped to do so. In fact, the Giants last stop of the game came with about five minutes to go in the second quarter. After that, they did not stop the Cowboys offense on a single drive."

    Reminds me of Michael Irvin's line ... To beat someone, attack their weakness. To break someone, attack their strength.
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    As a soldier, this took it home:

    But, more than anything, I absolutely loved how Jason Garrett realized that his best way to win on the road is to attack. Seek out the weak links of the Giants defense and expose them all night long. Don't act like you have a QB who is inexperienced or incapable. Act like you have a playmaker who has been around the block long enough and a guy who can get you out of trouble. Trust your QB. And make the opposition beat you. Too many times in 2011, the Cowboys played conservative and close to the vest. They took the ball away from Romo and asked their defense to stop Brady or Eli. They got so scared of a few turnovers, that they ignored the fact that he threw 3touchdowns.
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    we have to be aggressive to win...not lay back: that's hurt us in the past. Enough of that: What I really want to say is: THANKS from the bottom of my heart for your service to our country: bless you.:bow:
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    I'm still confused why BP didn't attack a depleted Seahawks 2ndary. I'm confizzled to this day. :(
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    This article is a must read for everyone. The paragraph about attacking them had the hairs on the back of my neck standing!
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    Mental toughness wins in life!
  8. Cowboy_Shawn

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    It didn't have my hairs standing up but there was a lot of truth in that paragraph.

    To be successful you can't be afraid to fail. That applies to football and pretty much anything in life.

    As the article pointed out, far too many times in the past the Cowboys have been afraid to fail and it's cost them games.

    Hopefully we see more of this new aggressive approach throughout the season.
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    Great excerpt, from a great write-up. Really enjoyed that one.
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    Surely, you remember Pete Hunter lining up for Seattle in a playoff game just days after working in an office in Dallas. And did the Cowboys attack Hunter in that 2006 affair? Hardly...

    Excerpt from the article, people blame Romo for that loss and I have always blamed Parcell, we had T.O. on this team and because Parcell did not like T.O. he would not call plays that put T.O. over Hunter and let Tony whip him. I apologize but this has stuck in my craw all these years and for the first time someone has written about it. IT WASN'T ROMO'S FAULT, and this from a guy that gave Romo the kiss of death after the Detroit game last year.

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