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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by LatinMind, Nov 6, 2006.

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    since i see more people getting involved with sigs, and are exploring some kind of blending. i thought i could help some out.

    this will be the sig made in this tutorial step by step

    step 1
    make a 400x125 background or whatever size u like..and set the gradient to white/gray on radial gradient, thats the one that makes the circle..mind u the gradient will depend on how far u drag the mouse, i got this
    step 2
    i got a dallas texas stock photo and set it to glaussian blur at 13.1, then set the layer to overlay

    i used this picture of dallas texas
    http://www.zonaviaggi.it/galleria/a...al_Between the Skyscrapers, Dallas, Texas.jpg

    and i got this outcome so far

    step 3
    took another stock image and set it to soft light at 50% opacity

    used this image

    this is the result so far

    step 4
    get a brush, any brush i guess..i used a brush called firaga_halftones, that can be gotten on deviant art.com. set the brush to white and scaled it to a bigger size, then set the layer to overlay, then i erased the hard edges with a 100 soft brush on 50% opacity to blend it in the background

    i get this result

    step 5
    open a new layer and fill it a solid blue and set to softlight

    Step 6
    get another stock photo, i used another c4d and put it to difference at 41% opacity, and used a soft brush to erase where i wanted the background to blend in

    i used this image

    i got this result

    step 7
    open a new layer and fill it to white and set it to overlay..to give it light, then go to layer>layer styler> gradient overlay

    i used these settings

    and i got this result

    Step 8
    i get a picture of a dallas cowboy cheerleader then crop it, then i make 3 three duplicates of the render so i have 4 layers of the cheerleader, then and set the bottom to to overlay

    Step 9
    i take one of the duplicates and set it to pinlight

    Step 10
    i take another dulplicate and set it to soft light at 70% opacity

    Step 11
    take the last render and leave it at normal on 19% opacity

    Step 12
    open a new layer and with a soft brush set on white brush over the cheerleader as u see fit, depending on how much light u want

    then set it to overlay

    Step 13
    next add some text, and if u like a subtext. with some lighting over it on overlay on another layer to give it a little depth if u like with a lowered opacity somewhere between 15-45%
    the fonts i used for this were janeaustin and tahoma

    Step 14
    this is optional but it could bring out the text a little a simple vector brush around or under

    Step 15
    also optional, add a border, i use a 3px border most of the time

    and you're done, hope this helps some.
  2. Juke99

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    You are beyond COOOOOOOL to have done this.

    Simply amazing.

    Thank you.
  3. trickblue

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    VERY well done! :clap2:
  4. the kid 05

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    is this for photoshop?
  5. Faerluna

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    Excellent post! Thanks for the tutorial!

    I'm guessing this is for photoshop. I use an older version of Paint Shop Pro, so this will come in handy should I try my hand with the Photoshop. :D
  6. trickblue

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    I use both Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop, but I use PSP more...

    Most of what he outlined works the same way in either program...
  7. diehard2294

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    good tut exo;) should help some people out. I guess I should have done a tut instead of posting a labled PSD:rolleyes:
  8. LatinMind

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    lol yeah..thanks man, i juststarted using this style and find myself messing with it more and more

    thanks for all the comments, and glad i could help you guys out.

    when u see it in sigs, it looks harder then what it really is, when u see it like this, u can understand and its 100 times easier

    by the way iwas a die hard paint shop pro user for over yr, i vowed never to go to photoshop but, when i tried it i got hooked..photoshop just makes clean work period..it took some time for me getting used to, but i got it and im still learning..lol

    one thing i havent figured out on PS is when im brushing and i lost the brush and i have a cross with a dot in the middle..i have to shut everything down and reboot to get my brush outline back

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