Funeral Arrangements are complete

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CrazyCowboy, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. CrazyCowboy

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    CrazyCowboy is writing his beloved 2005 Dallas Cowboys off as officially DEAD for this year. The team became ill with terminal cancer during the Giants game in New York last week, with the defense looking like they had never seen an offensive running or passing attack.

    Although, BP sent them to specialists in the Dallas area all week (Payton and Zimmer) looking for a cure, the Deadskins from Washington informed Bill yesterday it was terminal and the team would die on the FedEx field.


    CrazyCowboy went ahead and buried them there yesterday--I AM VERY SORRY to bring this horrible news to all fellow Dallas Cowboy fans!


    I look forward to April 06 draft with the rebirth of our new Dallas Cowboys as it will bring back NEW life into CrazyCowboy! The 06 team will bring our sixth Super Bowl Championship back to were it belongs.........

  2. Bigdog24

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    Great post :)
  3. King Diamond666

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    Look on the bright side. We have a coach that plays for feild position even though were down by 35 points.
  4. thewivil

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    We're dead.
  5. TruBlueCowboy

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    Football is worse than crack. It's like being in the worst dysfunctional marriage you can think of. The honeymoon/draft happens and everything is peaches and cream. You love your team through the season and as each loss accumulates and the realization of the wife/team you're stuck with starts to hit, you start to hate players, coaches, but at the end, you tell yourself everything will be okay, and start fresh the next year. Thus is the life of an NFL fan.
  6. kingwhicker

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    Well said. Yep, I'm getting too old for this s...
  7. Homerun Trot

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    We win in Carolina.
  8. hipfake08

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    I think Bill has had the hell kicked out of him from the death of his brother.
    He does not seem to have the same fire and drive on game day on the side lines as the beginning of the year.

    A coach can only do so much. Then the players have to take over.
  9. Skip

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    All I know is this sux big time and yes I do know injuries has made a big difference, but I seem to remember hearing how deep the Boys are this year? What happened to the depth? It would seem to me the depth would not be as much cost to fix, so why didn't we get better back up OL?

    OK I am done puking! On to next year cuz this one is toast!
  10. RCowboyFan

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    Since I never had crack or any kind of drugs ( although have been in relationship with couple of girls who had it), I guess you are hitting it close.

    No matter how many times I tell myself, that I need to start getting life, and how much more money I could make if I spend the time I spent on Footbal and Cowboys on something productive, I keep coming back. :bang2:

    At this point I don't see how the this team will improve on Offensive side at all. I just don't see the answer at QB, till BP is here. And I dont want BP gone either. I guess, in other words, we are in a hopless mess with regards to offense. I gurantee that we will be stuck in the same deliemma if Bledsoe or some other retread starts next year at QB, during the late season, as it has been last three years now. Seems like cowboys start off great on offense begining of the season and then the wheals come off both D and O late season, but most certainly the Offense.
  11. Qwickdraw

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    That's why Im not married.
  12. Hiero

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    such a promising season, it sucks that all i have to look forward to is the draft now.
  13. cowboys#1

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    yeah we are dead and what sucks even more is that we will draft from the late middle round. i have to sit through 3 hours of espn jacka$$es talking about how they know everything. hope we trade down and get some more picks. oline wanted.

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