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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by FuzzyLumpkins, Aug 7, 2006.

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    After this last week i absolutely hate this off day. Nothing of note to report and when the most traffic this board is seeing is a JFE slime puff you know its bad news.

    Regardless after a week and reading the reports and what not I am going to go ahead and make an attempt at the futile: Predict the 53 man roster. We know absolutely nothing about BEiault's or Spear's status, i have yet to see this squad play and Ill more than likely forget something but Im bored so here goes.

    QB (3): Bledosoe Romo Henson

    Other than some that have taken some stupid pills this is pretty obviously set in stone. Blesoe played well last year especially once you consider the porous line in the second half.

    The club needs to evaluate Romo and apparently is acclimated to the system now. Its put up or shutup time for him and if he plays well will demand some money in the offseason.

    Henson is still being groomed and the fact that he spent the offseason in Europe while Romo was working out with the receivers is not helping his cause. He'll be back next year and that is when he gets his shot. Why people seem to think that Henson in his third year is gone if he doesnt light it up while Romo didnt exactly light it up last year, his third, and was still retained, i don't know. At the same time it is going to take absolutley stellar play from Henson to get the coaching staff from giving Romo the reps necessary to evaluate him.

    Bottomline is that the Cowboys have time with Henson while they are running out of time with Romo.

    RB (3): Jones Barber Thompson

    First two guys are easy. Summers going to the practice squad is easy. Thompson versus Kincaid was not quite so easy.

    They both contribute on special teams so that was a wash. Thompson is a better runner and could conceivably be an excellent player but you know that Kincade will be steady. This battle will be decided in the preseason games. I just have seen Thompson's potential whereas i have not seen Kincade's.

    TE/FB (4): Witten Fasano Hannam Polite

    The first three are making the squad barring injury. Curtis and Ryan very well might make this squad but really seem to me to be just another guy to fill a roster spot.

    On the other hand, Polite seems to be making headway in short yardage situations, special teams and adapting to the H-back role. That type of versatility gets him on the roster and active on game day.

    WR (5): Owens Glenn Crayton Green Copper

    Again the first thee are locks. Copper is excellent as a gunner on special teams. Green is a development project as a WR but will get the lion's share of the work as a punt returner. If he can excell as a KO returner then it might make Thompson expendable. Hurd is another developmental project as a WR and that makes him the odd man out in this department.

    C (2): Gurode Johnson

    I am hoping the Gurode develops enough in the mental aspect of the game to unseat Johnson as he is more suited to the physical play in the NFL. That said there are no other people I trust to snap the ball after Gurode so Johnson would still make the team.

    G (4): Rivera Kosier Proctor Peterman

    Peterman could be a casualty here. I dont know if he has the dedication to actually perform in this league. I still think he makes the roster. Proctor has been getting love from Parcells.

    T (4): Adams Columbo Pettiti McQuistan

    Oh how the mighty have fallen. I at one point forsaw Fabini starting at RT for us. The devlopment of Columbo and McQuistan make Fabini expendable. His play will not merit holding onto him.

    DE (4): Canty Spears Ratliff Hatcher

    Coleman is an average player. Ratliff and Hatcher have the ability to do much much more and Ratliff has been starting to come on. I dont ever see Coleman coming on.

    NT (3): Ferguson Johnson Stanley

    We need depth here and all three guys make it.

    OLB (6): Ware Ellis Carpenter Singleton Burnett Boiman

    Parcells knows how players tick. i thought that Ellis was going to be a headache from the get go. What does Parcells do? Starts him at OLB over the first round draft pick. I have a felling that Ellis is no longer the unhappy camper he once was. I think that Carpenter will still eventually start and Ellis will be used situationally to his strengths but this move by Parcells is pure genius.

    As for the rest the position is stacked. Many of the backups offer versatility to play on the outside and inside. Heck, even Carpentercan move inside if need be.

    ILB (3): James Ayodele Fowler

    That same versatility spells the end of the Shanle era of our LB core. Lets all shed a tear for Nors. Burnett is basically taking Shanle's spot and I dont think Im alone in saying thank god.

    CB (5): Newman Henry Reeves Glenn

    Pretty obvious here. There could be a surprise like Coleman taking Glenn's spot but I doubt it.

    S (4): Williams Davis Watkins Beriault

    Beriault may be damaged goods in which case the door is opened for Pile and Coleman. Unfortunately for Coleman, the development of Watkins along with his special teams prowess makes him expendable.

    K (2): Vanderjagt Frederickson

    This scenario downright blows even though I believe it to be true. Parcells isnt going to be able to handle Vandy kicking to the 15 all the time and is going to require a specialist. This means one of the bubble guys like Coleman, Kincade, Hurd, Curtis Fabini, Coleman or Pile cannot make the team.

    P (1): McBriar

    LS (1): Frenchie

    After doing this exercis i really begin to get a feel for how stacked this team is. The only real question marks I have are right tackle, depth at guard and depth at nose tackle.

    Im not worried about any other position. C will be at worst average with depth, as will be free safety and if Columbo/ Pettiti continue to improve then other teams had better watch out.

    I await Saturday with bated breath.
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    Why exactly are the Cowboys running out of time with Romo when multiple reports have said that a contract extension is in the works? Romo is 2 months younger than Henson, I just dont see the validity of that statement. That being said, both of these guys are on the clock. It is time to put up or shut up, 26 is entering the prime of your career.
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    Age really has nothing to do with it. Its time that the club has had them in the system and lenght of contract. Romo is in his final year.

    The Cowboys need to see what Romo can do with a lot of actual playing time at full speed to determine his market value and whether or not they want to resign him.

    Sorry but preliminary talks dont mean squat and just extending a guy that has very limited snaps is absurd when you have ample oppurtunity to evaluate him.

    Henson has several years on his contract thus there is no rush with him.

    This may be difficult for you to comprehend but the fate of the two players is not intertwined.
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    I think Watkins will start eventually. I don't think Columbo will start over Pettitti or Fabini.
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    Fabini looks hideous

    I mean seriously

    he's like balding, looks like a tree trunk on feet, and his shoes are ugly

    not to mention this wouldn't be a rant if BP didn't say he's been suckin hard
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    BP probably sneaks this guy endless "covered dishes" of braciole or something

    oh wait, that's Fasano...

    oh well, I get confused. Vinny Testaverde will be signed to a 20 year, $80 billion contract pretty soon. book it.

    how do I know this? cuz he's italian, white looking, and old-as-****
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    Berry-O does not make this team. He is really a SS playing FS and has some really bad knees. Coleman is very flexible in what you can do with him. He can play CB and FS.
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    I think we carry 9 olineman and not 10.

    Green should be listed as a PR/KR and not as a WR. Hurd makes the team as a WR.
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    Fabini is now working w/ first team.

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