Future Free Agent Moves??-- Offensive Line

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by silverbear, Mar 24, 2006.

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    Even with the addition of Fabini and Kosier, even with the likelihood of bringing in a high draft pick this year, and even with the probable healthy return of Flozell Adams and Marco Rivera, I'm still uneasy about the line situation... I'd like to see one more top free agent brought in, and I believe the Boys have the cap room to get that done... failing that, I'd like to see a solid backup brought in... to that end, I'll propose a few players who fit both job descriptions...

    Stephen Neal, OG, Pats... the best guard left on the board, a former wrestling champion who understands all about leverage... he could plug in to Larry Allen's old slot at LG, leaving Kosier free to back up at every position except center... he's 6-4, 306 pounds, will be 30 when the regular season starts... couldn't find a 40 time for him...

    Damion McIntosh, OT, Dolphins... the 2nd best tackle left on the board, behind Jon Runyan, who's just too old for my taste... if the Boys added him, their top 3 tackles would be Flozell Adams, Jason Fabini and McIntosh, with Rob Petitti likely factoring into the equation... that would be a solid and deep group of tackles... McIntosh is 6-4, 325 pounds, will be 29 on opening day, runs the 40 in 5.2 seconds...

    Kendyl Jacox, C/OG, Saints... the backup to LeCharles Bentley, he's not too shabby in his own right... he could certainly compete for the starting job at center in Dallas... he's 6-2, 325 pounds, will be 31 years old when the regular season rolls around, and runs the 40 in 5.3 seconds...

    The Boys might also look at OT Matt Stinchcomb (Bucs) or OT Rex Tucker (Rams), but I'm not sure either player represents an upgrade...

    For potential backups (who should be somewhat cheaper), we have:

    Grey Ruegamer, C/OG, Packers... 6-4, 306 pounds... will be 30 at the start of the regular season... has started 16 of 76 games... runs a 5.25 second 40...

    Jonathan Goodwin, C/OG, Panthers... 6-3, 316 pounds... will be 27 on opening day... has started 13 of 29 games... 5.1 second 40, which is terrific speed for an interior lineman... the Skins had him in for a visit this past Tuesday, but chose instead to sign Tyson Walter and Mike Pucillo (why, God only knows, though I suspect Goodwin's contract demands took them out of the picture...

    At tackle, the Boys might also take a look at Chad Slaughter, who's simply huge (6-8, 340 pounds)... he runs a 5.35 second 40, not bad for a guy that size... has only started one game in his career, so you know he won't be looking for starter's money...

    Bottom line, there are still a number of NICE offensive linemen out there, and I think the Boys ought to look at signing one more... they have to cap room to do so... then, they should still draft an offensive lineman on the first day of the draft... it's time, IMO, to radically overhaul the offensive line...
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    I'm 6' 300lbs. And played OL in high school.

    If the Cowboys will give me a lfietime supply of Miller Lite I'll keep my weight up and come play for the minimum. I'm sure Jerry can swing it with the Miller folks.
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    Where are you finding all of these 40 times?
  4. silverbear

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    Got Mel Kiper's annual book, and Ourlads', going back to 1990... I stopped buying either in 2004, once I realized most of that info could be found online... so, I just find out what year the player joined the league, and look up his profile in both books...
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    Now this is the post, I should have looked at initially.

    As I stated in the other post. The OL seems to still be questionable.

    We all know that it generally takes some time for an OL to mesh.

    Some good players you have listed there silverbear. I expect at least 2 OL draft picks from the Cowboys.
  6. Clove

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    What can you find on T.O.s 40 time?
  7. silverbear

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    I'll look it up for you when I get home in the morning (I'm at work now)...
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    Patriots | Team agrees to terms with S. Neal
    Thu, 23 Mar 2006 22:13:27 -0800
    Tom E. Curran, of the Providence Journal, reports sources said the New England Patriots have agreed to terms with one of their own free agents, OL Stephen Neal (Patriots), on an undisclosed contract

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    Aw, dayum...
  10. silverbear

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    OK, I checked... Kiper lists Owens at 4.55, then goes on to say he ran a 4.63 at the combine... back then, they had a track that was notoriously slow, so it may be legit for Mel to knock a few hundredths off... Ourlads had him at 4.61...

    I'd call him a 4.55 40, after reading all that...
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    Pats resigned Neal, down goes another :(
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    Sadly, this just illustrates the failure of our first day draft picks to develop into solid OL over the past several years (Rogers, Peterman, Johnson, Gurode, Page, etc.). Otherwise, this wouldn't be a problem area.
  14. RealCowboyfan

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    I agree with you fully...but I would like to sign Lavar Arrington first before we make any other moves...:D
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    Great post Silverbear:star:
  16. silverbear

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    Glad you enjoyed it, Charles... in the not too distant future, I contemplate a couple more in this miniseries, the first being the free agent LBs still available...
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    If the Cowboys are indeed going after Arrington I would not expect any more signings until they get that deal closed. However, I agree with Silverbear that the OL still needs work, especially in the middle.

    Of the guys he listed I find Goodwin to be the most intriguing with his size, speed, age and the fact that he can play both Guard and Center. A guy like that would make me feel a great deal better about our interior line. And it is the inside that has me worried now; I think we are pretty well set at the Tackles now with Fabini coming in and Flo coming back. Not that I wouldn't like to get one more capable backup in at Tackle but I just think we will do that in the draft.
  18. aikemirv

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    I think we are what we are on the Oline at this point and see no other moves.

    Johnson/Gurode are set at Center.

    Rivera - we put too much money in him to make him a backup - he needs to come back to form this year.

    Fabini/Pettiti - I think this is a good rookie /Vet mix and I know that BP likes Pettiti so he stays

    Adams/Tucker - this is the only place I could see us making a move for a backup and dumping Tucker.

    Koiser/Peterman - Koiser is the starter - he was told that when he was signed I believe that he was signed to be our starting LG - he has to earn it but at this point he is there.

    So that is 9 players right there and I think it will be a battle between Columbo and Tucker if we only keep 9.

    I just don't think BP is ready to give up on Gurode (obviosly we signed him), Johnson, Peterman or Pettiti so I can't see any more moves at this point.
  19. DezBRomo9

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    Remember BP dressed only 8 Olineman in some games last year. Although there are guys like Tucker, Proctor and Columbo who are backups I still think we will draft at least 2 Olineman. A guy like Max Jean Gilles at OG or a guy like Jonathan Scott at OT would provide good depth until they develop and would inject some youth into our over the hill Oline.
  20. aikemirv

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    I understand we only dress 8 at times , but how many on the roster is the question.

    I would agree with some draft picks, but that means you have to give up on someone between Tucker,Columbo and Peterman. I would like to see a replacement for Rivera and Flozell drafted but that means Tucker is gone (which is fine by me) and Columbo probably and maybe Peterman.

    My preference would be this:


    Flozell/Draft choice
    Rivera/Draft Choice

    Thats 10 and a good mix of depth and youth and good riddance to Tucker

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