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    There is only two players worth taking in the first round with our pick. Both i dont think will be there. Mike Williams is going to be a star. I know we have kj but he isnt going to play forever. We are going to need a star that will go over the middle and catch the tough ball. The other player worth taking is derick Johnson. Which im positive wont slide to our pick.
    So the only other option we have is to trade down and pick up picks. We are dying for some big linebackers. This draft can be the draft that we build a team on. There is alot of hidden talent. We can pick up depth and get the personel to run a 34. We are goin to have to pick up a good DT in fa. There isnt one in the draft. We should trade glover for a defensive end, picks, or a DT.
    Those of you that want to draft a corner are up out your mind. Thats the last thing that we need on defense. The secondary doesnt work cause there is no pressure on the QB.
    The statue we picked up for a QB is ridiculous. This has to be the worst pick up ive scene the cowboys make except for galloway.
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