News: FWST: After starting game a goat, Romo nearly became hero

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    By Charean Williams

    ARLIINGTON -- Who knew a Cowboys Stadium crowd of 94,067 could be so loud?

    Often criticized for not creating a home-field advantage for the Dallas Cowboys, the blue-and-silver-clad crowd let Tony Romo have it in the first half.

    "I would have booed us, too," Romo said. "We deserved it at that time. We did not start the game the way we wanted to."

    But Romo nearly went from goat to hero.

    After four interceptions -- three in the first 16:55 that helped spot the New York Giants a 23-0 lead -- Romo threw what originally was ruled a 37-yard touchdown with 10 seconds remaining. Replay, though, reversed the call with Dez Bryant's fingertips touching out of the back of the end zone first, and Dallas lost 29-24.

    "That's difficult when you think you've won the game, and they obviously reversed the call," Romo said. "That's tough, because a lot of the emotion comes out when you get back in that position, and you think you have it, and it gets taken away. It's kind of a roller coaster."

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