News: FWST: After two first-half shutouts, even Jason Witten reminds himself to stay cool

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    Jason Witten is as veteran as they come. But even the seven-time Pro Bowl tight end says he has to remind himself to keep his poise.

    He’s been shut out in the first half of each of the past two games, and that’s not something he’s used to.

    “We’re always talking to the young guys about poise. That was something we had to do ourselves,” Witten said of himself and quarterback Tony Romo following last week’s 20-19 victory against Miami. “I didn’t have a catch in the first half. It was something you’re not used to having. A couple of picks that were different looks for him. You keep your poise. That’s what winners do.”

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    Love it. Intellectuals.

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