News: FWST: Albright criticizes himself for not doing enough in relief of Ware

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 19, 2012.

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    _ Jimmy Burch

    Dallas Cowboys linebacker Alex Albright had one of the hardest tasks on the field Saturday against San Diego: filling in for the injured DeMarcus Ware, a Pro Bowler and one of the NFL’s top pass rushers.

    Albright started in Ware’s spot at outside linebacker, also saw time inside and finished with four tackles. That is five fewer than in Monday’s game at Oakland.

    Teammates lauded Albright’s efforts after a 28-20 loss to the Chargers in which the first-team defense did not allow any points for the second consecutive game in the pre-season. That happened even with multiple starters, like Ware (hamstring), sidelined with injuries. Albright was less effusive.

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    Nice. I like players who are critical of themselves.
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    Why, he is what he is...average.
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    I think he just might be the RKG
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    Average is pretty good for a UDFA going into his second season.
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    Nothing I've seen from him has been average. He's not DWare but then again, who is?
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    Albright has been coming on pretty strong in his second year but I still don't think he is a league average starter quite yet. Surprisingly his best position may be ILB based on this preseason even though he has the classic dimensions of an OLB.

    However, studying film assiduously to quickly diagnose plays and adjust the defense is classic MLB. It is very telling that other defensive players say he knows this defense better than everyone not named Sean Lee.

    Albright has already made this team due to ability to play OLB, ILB and be a demon on special teams.
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    Say what you will of him, he seemed to be around the ball on just about every play.
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    He looks to be the kind of player that you need on a team to make it to the Super Bowl. You need the guys who work their butts off and don't get the glory.
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    I rewatched the game and I thought that he was all over the place. He didn't get a bunch of tackles. But he was there to clog up a hole or stuff a run. Enough for me to say that he didn't to a bad job at all as a backup linebacker.
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    This. He seems much more instinctive at ILB. He's outperformed both Connor and Lemon at that spot.
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    Exactly. Backing up two spots competently and playing special teams well makes him a pretty valuable player on this team. I also love the fact that he is the opposite of the finger-pointing (e.g. Roy Williams - either one) type. This guy is hard on himself. It shows accountability and the desire to keep getting better. You've gotta love that.
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    An average player at back up but a standout on ST's....I'll take that....

    I disagree with you though, I think he's above average.

    Why do people think we have to have superstars even at backups...just not going to happen on any team.

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