News: FWST: Bill & Jerry Answer the "Rift" Theories

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    Posted on Sat, Jul. 31, 2004

    I M A G E S

    Jerry Jones, center on the podium, and Bill Parcells, right, painted a positive picture of their relationship as they met with the media at the opening news conference for Cowboys training camp.

    Owner, coach still a tight fit

    Jim Reeves


    OXNARD, Calif. - The moment was so warm, so fuzzy, I almost expected Big Bill to take Jerry in his arms and plant a big, wet kiss on his lips. What a way to kick off Cowboys training camp, California-style.

    They sat there beside each other on a hotel tennis court turned into a makeshift stage for the camp's opening news conference, the Cowboys' owner and their larger-than-life coach, basking in the warm California sunshine and in the glow of their mutual admiration, which bubbled out like the champagne that's bottled not so very far from here.

    Remind me again of those dubious predictions about how shortlived this relationship might be. Was it one year? Two? Three at the outside?

    Friday, on the eve of the Cowboys' first workouts today in the cool sea breezes of Oxnard, it sounded like last season was simply the beginning of a beautiful friendship that could last long into the future.

    Of course, you don't have to remind me that Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson were making goo-goo eyes at each other, too, after their first winning season together. That blew up three years and two Super Bowls later and, as Jones himself pointed out Friday, he and Jimmy had a long history together.

    "I do think Bill and I make a good team because we complement each other," Jones said. "I'm more of a risk-taker and Bill tempers that for me, watches that I don't do anything too rash. For him, 1 and 1 always has to equal 2. I sometimes try to make it add up to 2 1/2 or 3.

    "Success is the key to the relationship. We had success. Maybe if we hadn't had success, things would have been different. ... I don't know."

    It's that smidgen of caution in Jerry's voice that hints that things might not be so cuddly between him and Big Bill if the Cowboys weren't winning. That, in turn, gives credence to us skeptics, who still wonder what will happen when the honeymoon ends.

    I'm one of those who gave it three years at the outside. And despite all those flattering words for each other Friday, I'm still not convinced it will go any longer than that.

    Some of that thought process is simple logic based on track records. Parcells isn't going to want to do this forever. He's never stayed anywhere more than five years. Why should the Cowboys be any different?

    "Jimmy and I only lasted five years, and we'd been friends a long time before that," Jones pointed out. "I don't know how long Bill is going to want to do this. Five years? Who knows?"

    That didn't stop either of them, however, from kicking off this camp by raving about how delightfully wonderful it was to work with the other last season. They've become the Siegfried and Roy of the NFL.

    "From a personal perspective, having the opportunity to work alongside Bill has been one of the most memorable, enjoyable and productive years of my 16 years in the NFL," Jones began his preamble. "Our working relationship has exceeded by far anything I could ever have imagined.

    "His drive, enthusiasm, willingness to embrace many of the ideas we've had, the way we do business, his respect for what the Dallas Cowboys -- the tradition -- are, is everything a person in my position could ask for."

    Wait, there's more.

    "I know there were some questions about our abilities to work [together] and make decisions and build," Jones continued, as he always does. "I said at that time I thought we had the same thing in mind, winning, and trying to improve every day. That's been the case. I've never worked with anyone that had almost a single-mindedness of purpose about improving in every little way we can on an everyday basis."

    The key to the relationship, Jones said, is that both are focused on one thing -- winning.

    "This has been really a great experience working in Dallas with Jerry, Stephen [Jones] and other members of the organization," Parcells said. "It's been better than I could have hoped for.

    "They're eager, open-minded, aggressive ... everything you'd want. We're at the point where we know each other well enough to use each other as sounding boards for ideas and schemes and thoughts about the future -- all the things a good management team has to be able to do."

    It is previous owner-coach relationships that have failed, media relations director Rich Dalrymple theorized, that have helped Jones and Parcells make this one work.

    "They both work hard at it," Dalrymple said. "They've learned from mistakes they may have made before. They talk every day and keep the lines of communication open. That's the key to any relationship."

    Dalrymple might have something there.

    "I kid [Jones] about having too many fish in the pan, too many things going on," Parcells said. "But I know where his heart is. I know his heart is still into football.

    "I can honestly say there hasn't been a day, if I really need to speak with him about something, regardless of where he was or what he had to do, that I couldn't get that done. That is not always the case everywhere in this league."

    Parcells' is the half-empty glass. Jones' is always half full, or even brimming over.

    "He is certainly a lot more optimistic person than I am," Parcells admitted. "He is always upbeat and eager to try to do things on the plus side. I'm more difficult to get along with, more temperamental, moodier, all of those things that coaches get to be."

    Bill's playing Oscar, in other words, to Jerry's Felix.

    More than a year after it all began, they're still the oddest couple in the NFL.
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    kinda makes bone headed losers like Pete Crisco look even more stupid doesnt it?

  3. Kangaroo

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    My goodness do these guys have to write about this every week. This is so stupid it is the same material rewritten from last year.

    It is the same crap spewed everyday from these guys if he stays two years and we get a SB ring who freakin cares but I doubt it.

    I guess this is what happens to those guys when there is no more leaks from special team coaches on the on goings in Valley Ranch so they just have to say the same thing over and over again untill one year they made a correct statement 3 years than it will be 5 then 10 blah blah blah.

    Hey Wulf keep writing please you are 500 times better than these pathetic hacks and more logical than the guys with contacts :)

    Dale please give Miockey a slight push out the door and take over :D you do a better job to.
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    Instead of just smirking it up, maybe actually listening to what the significant characters in the play are saying would give the columnists better insight, and a better chance of predicting a sea change if one should actually occur.

    Yesterday, JJ gave an interesting answer to the question of why he and Bill work so well together.

    He answered that he is a "risk-taker", someone who adds up 1 + 1 and tries to get a 3 total. Of course, he's the consummate optimist, as any successful entrepreneur is at core, whether he's wild cat oil drilling or talent scouting Quincy Carter. Folks who are not risk taking optimists don'r invest their money, time and energy into new enterprises..they're too afraid of losing what they've already got. Personalites like Jerry's invariably define the successful entrepreneur. But, as JJ pointed out, that tendency to expect only good will arise from work ethic and creativity, needs to be tempered by detail, preparation, and 1+1= 2 realism. There are other smart, hard-working folks out there too, and they just could be seeing something you missed.

    Enter Bill Parcells. The polar opposite of Jerry Jones. The bettor who wants almost unbeatable odds when he plays those ponies, the self-acknowledged "I want to bet a little and win a lot" guy. The conservative personality who warned Keyshawn not to get into the restaurant business, and of whom we never hear any financial "mistakes" made. Tuna is as far from the entrepreneurial spirit as one could get. His brand of risk-taking runs to much more precise calculation, based on knowing all the variables involved. Such as making a Pete Hunter into another Marcus Coleman. A careful assessment that Eddie George has just enough fuel left in his tank to carry a rookie runner, develping QB and shifting oline thru the season.

    Addicted to winning because he just can't live with losing, Bill's the perfect foil for a gun-slinger like Jerry. Committed to painstakingly detailed understanding of every element of the team (which Jerry said he is so impressed by), Tuna doesn't want to leave himself any chance to lose, while JJ would take any chance to win. He's the micro-manager extraordinaire to JJ's big picture world view.

    Heaven, folks, heaven! As a generous, exuberant JJ is about to open his wallet to splurge on an over-priced free agent, there is dour and detailed Bill warning him l that money spent too freely has very negative repercussions if it means the well will be too dry to provide the "competition at every position" that defines a Parcells winning team. As the admittedly "moody" Bill starts to feel his energy wearing low, (this is when he "retires") there is expansive Jerry reminding him there really is a "Tomorrow".

    Like in a successful marriage, opposites not only attract, they transform each other's individual negatives into a stronger, better balanced whole. That "smidgen of caution" creeping into Jerry's voice isn't fear the relationship has an Achilles Heel, it's awarness that success can never be taken for granted..gotta keep working at it. As Jerry has said more than once "I am being very careful about this relationship..I will not allow myself to take it for granted".

    These two may someday fall out because not winning made the chemistry change. But right now, instead of waiting breathlessly for any sign of a "rift", why not sit back and enjoy how BP and JJ are making it work? No matter how you look at it, from the football angle, business angle, psychological angle, the human relationship angle, the partnership of these two very successful men is a fascinating process, and should yield a quality product.

    Jerry and Bill know what they've got goin. Time for the rest of the football world to open its eyes and see it too.
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    Personally, I like the way we summed it up in chat last night.

    blindzebra: I was waiting for Jerry to say, " Bill you complete me."

    Hostile: Bill says, " Jerry you had me at hello." :D
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    I think Jerry most probably has matured a lot since then as an NFL owner.
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    A million times better written than any of the countless pieces, including the one by Reeves that started this thread, that have been produced regarding this topic. Extremely astute post, Tuna, dead on in my opinion.

    In fact, I would venture to say that these two will remain friends for life, regardless of when their football partnership ends.
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    Yawn, didn't I read this last season? Well, at least it wasn't a ***** and moan session.
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    Perhaps one of the most oxymoronic comments made in the last several months on this or any board.

    To suggest a guy who likes to "play the ponies" is equated as, "His brand of risk-taking runs to much more precise calculation, based on knowing all the variables involved.," takes these accolades to the point of deification.

    Parcells is a risk taker.

    But unlike Jerry "P.T. Barnum" Jones, he doesn't wear his enthusiam on his sleeve.

    Parcells ain't selling anything to us or the press. He doesn't have to come off like a used car salesman.

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