News: FWST Blog: Austin hurts hamstring again, Felix separates shoulder, Costa dings knee

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 18, 2011.

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    The Cowboys are going to go into another week with injury questions.

    Miles Austin aggravated a hamstring injury when he ran the ball on the failed third-down that forced the Cowboys to try a field goal to tie the game. He might miss next week’s game.

    Running back Felix Jones suffered a separated shoulder early in the game and wore a harness the rest of the way.
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    Mannnnnn :bang2:
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    It was that sorry field they have at candlestick
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    Austin's injury really hurts.

    Being that it came on that run hurts even more. Didn't care for that call at all at the time and it has soured on me even more since. I think it was Billick who was asking why they would run with a WR when they hadn't even lined up in that formation all day.

    The OL wasn't getting anything going in terms of running the ball and you turn to a misdirection run with the WR coming out of the backfield.

    That's one I wish the team could have back.

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    Figures Miles would get hurt on Garrett's stupid little trick play that fooled nobody.
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    He says in the article that it was bothering him before that play.
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    there is this unspoken badge of honor thing in the NFL that I just do not get. On a crucial play like that....why would Miles take the field if he knows he cannot run? Same thing with Dez last week....who could not get open...could not run. Now I get he was out there for a decoy...but a decoy should NOT be the primary target on a game deciding play. And Miles should not have been given the ball on a game deciding play. I am so sick of this. You see it all across the NFL. Fans root for the emblem on the helmet...we like the players...but we are fans of the same team as players come and go. Jessie Holly did JUST FINE. This is selfish and bonehead coaching when injured players feel the need to "cowboy up". It could have cost us the game Miles! Like Dez being targeted so much last week cost us the game!
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    I hate it when players play hurt--especially QBs with rib injuries.
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    different...he could still do his job. Miles said he could not run....which meant he had no chance to pick up the first down. and he fumbled. Dez could not run..could not get seperation....did not eve get Revis tackled on the int. And he did not practice or play this week. He is INJURED...not hurt. Miles is out three weeks. He is INJURED not hurt. Romo has already said he is playing next week. And he clearly could do his job!
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    It will be interesting to see who does and doesn't play Monday night.
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    Get the hyperbaric chamber from T.O. Myles has 7 whole days to heal up.
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    For a team who lacks depth seems to me some guys stepped in and made plays to help us win. Hard to say what the extent of some of these injuries are just have to wait until the team gets a clear picture of these injuries. In the mean time I would think guys like Dez and Newman should be set to return.
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    Yea I would say both Dez and Newman will play this week. The decision to sit him this week instead of play (Newman that is) looks really good now that we won yesterday. Hopefully he's 100% and ready to roll.
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    The pressure is on Newman and Bryant to get on the field... Guys sacrificed and toughed it out for the victory yesterday, impressive!

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