News: FWST Blog: Cowboys will not begin working on the Patriots until after Bye

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    -- Charean Williams

    According to the new collective bargaining agreement, the Cowboys have to give their players four consecutive days off during the bye week. The four days must include Saturday and Sunday. So the players will get the rest of the week off after Wednesday.

    "It’s a good time for a bye for our team," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. "We’ve been banged up for the last three weeks with different guys. Hopefully, we’ll give guys a chance to take a breath and heal up a little bit this week. We’ll give some other guys a chance to get some reps, but at the same time we’ll look at some things we want to look at both offensively and defensively as we go forward to see if it fits, and also sharpen up the things we have been working on."

    The Cowboys will not begin working on the Patriots, their opponent when they return from the bye, as a team. But the coaches will get a jump on New England.

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    The NFC game against the Lions was way more important than this game. Plus, it was at home.

    Way to blow it...

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