News: FWST Blog: Surprise, Surprise: T.O. defends Wade Phillips, rips Jason Garrett

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. WoodysGirl

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  2. Hostile

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    He's a piss ant. No one cares what he thinks.
  3. Milkbone

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    You got that right. When Tuna tried to hold his nuts to the fire, he didn't like it. Now Garrett comes in, with a similar attitude, and he makes his snide remarks. TO equals no accountability.
  4. NextGenBoys

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    I like TO, but you're right. He is not accountable, and can never admit when it's his fault. I do not like that about him.
  5. Dash28

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    Nobody cares what T.O. has to say.
  6. BHendri5

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    That's my boy, he needs to let it go and move on. Regardless of who finally talked Jerry into letting him go, he needs to let it go.
  7. JackMagist

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    Hos is so diplomatic. I'm not sure I would have been that nice speaking of the...piss ant.
  8. Milkbone

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    I didn't care for TO, but he is a superb WR. Don't keep close track, but I have heard that he's had some big days at Cincy. Seems to be teeing Ocho off a little.
  9. SultanOfSix

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    Obviously T.O.'s agenda shines through in this video.

    He talks about Garrett's offense not scoring points (without Romo at QB), but he doesn't mention the fact the defense gave up 38 points, which is Phillips' carte blanche.
  10. juck

    juck Well-Known Member

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    Garrett probably belittled him and hurt his fragile psyche. Bengals are 2-6.
  11. stilltheguru

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    lol TO needs to chill with all that stuff.............even though he's probrably right.
  12. StylisticS

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    What exactly is he right about? He neglected to mention the reasons why Dallas could not score (no Romo, bad oline, running backs with no urgency). He also neglected to mention how the Dallas defense gave up 38 points. So what is he right about? I'm with Sultan and the rest here. TO's agenda is showing.
  13. Nav22

    Nav22 Well-Known Member

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    His logic is ridiculously flawed. It's like he blames the offense more than the defense for Green Bay scoring 45, and for no good reason.

    Sour grapes, T.O.
  14. NextGenBoys

    NextGenBoys Well-Known Member

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    Yeah he's having a really good season.

    I think Ocho is just mad at himself since he's not making plays. Owens is the only receiver they have that's doing anything. He's still got it.
  15. stilltheguru

    stilltheguru Well-Known Member

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    I said PROBRABLY right. Right about Garrett not being the answer. We will see though.
  16. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

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    I care. That's my former pro bowl wide receiver....tear...
  17. The Fonz

    The Fonz Correctamundo

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    T.O is suffering from attention-seeker syndrome.Anyone indulging in attention-seeking behaviors is telling you how emotionally immature they are.
    He should be worrying about The Cincinnati Bengals.Someone please send him a memo telling him he is not with the cowboys no more.
  18. tupperware

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    Great, so TO's TD's outweigh his drops this year and now he's out of the wood work to speak on a team he doesn't even play for anymore.
  19. BraveHeartFan

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    He might turn out to be right about Garrett not being the answer, we'll have to wait for that, but his reasoning for it is where he shows his agenda and hate for Garrett and thus negates his thoughts on the subject.

    Once again, and as usual with him, he opens his mouth and makes himself look like a jerk with an agenda. And why is he even thinking about the Cowboys and their coaching change? Maybe he should worry more about what the Bengals need to do, offensively, to start scoring more points, and winning games, to keep their coach from being fired.
  20. hutch1254

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    TO doing what he does best...trying to keep himself relevant.

    What team do you land on next year in your NFL merry go round TO?

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