News: FWST: Callahan to call plays from coaching booth (Notes)

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    By Clarence E. Hill Jr. and Carlos Mendez

    IRVING — Bill Callahan said he will go up to the coaching booth to call plays this season, which he likes because it’s like watching game film.

    “The ability to recognize coverages, fronts, what the defense is doing, I think it’s a lot easier from up top than it is down on the bottom,” the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator/offensive line coach said Thursday at Valley Ranch as the team finished a three-day mini-camp. “I just like the vantage point.”

    Callahan hasn’t coached from the booth since he was offensive coordinator with the Oakland Raiders from 1998 to 2001.

    Randle’s cast
    Running back Joseph Randle said the cast on his hand will be removed next week, and he will stay in town to take handoffs and “get back in the swing of things.”

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    I am happy about this ...... I always thought this is an advantage being away from the sideline distractions and with a view of the entire field.
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    Both have their advantages and disadvantages. I have always felt our offensive strategy has been to find tactical edges and create matchup issues in the passing game. The chess perspective works better for this in my opinion.

    If we were a grinding, power based offense I would like an emotional sideline coordinator.
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    Good stuff... I like it! I agree, he gets to see the entire field!
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    Called it.

    One in the booth, one on the sidelines. If Jerry hadn't opened his mouth, who would have known who was calling the plays?
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    Fixed that.

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