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    Camp Cowboys



    On the record with coach Bill Parcells

    "Your most gifted players can get the least attention. Well, I've always been the opposite. I put more pressure on them because they're the difference makers, and they need to be coached, as well. Last year I was driving Roy Williams crazy. I was trying to teach him what I know as fast as I could. ... I said to him, 'Roy I don't mean to ... .' He interrupted me. 'Coach, keep it coming, keep it coming. I want to hear it.' I'm trying to tell him I don't mean to bug you. I'm trying not to antagonize. That's what he said, 'Keep it coming.' Now I feel good about any dialogue I have with him. You've got to be careful you don't overlook those guys. They need to be coached, too."

    SCOUTING ... Landon Trusty, TE Years in the league: Rookie

    Why he will make the team: Nobody likes tight ends like coach Bill Parcells likes tight ends. The Cowboys were one of the few teams in the league that carried four tight ends last season, with Dan Campbell, Jason Witten, Jeff Robinson and James Whalen seeing action. Whalen is gone, which leaves open a spot. Trusty is big, strong and has shown flashes of being a good blocker. If he continues to show himself as a capable receiver, the spot could be his.

    Why he will not make the team: Trusty's main competition for the fourth and final tight end spot is rookie Sean Ryan. He was taken in the fourth round and, while Parcells is not afraid to cut a draft pick, if things are close, being a draft pick will give Ryan the edge.

    Outlook: Trusty is a longshot to make the team, but if he continues to impress, the Cowboys likely will try to put him on their practice squad and develop him.

    -- Jennifer Floyd Engel


    Practice makes perfect

    A stand-up scrimmage is not as good as a preseason game for evaluating players, but it is much better than practice.

    That's why the Cowboys are scrimmaging among themselves this afternoon. The Cowboys scrimmaged against the Houston Texans last preseason, but coach Bill Parcells said he likes an intrasquad scrimmage because he can cover all the situations he feels need to be covered simply by yelling the down and distance. He also has the freedom to choose the exact number of repetitions each player gets, especially the quarterbacks.

    But why not let them tackle?

    "I don't believe in going to the ground," Parcells said. "There are too many other people that are going to take us to the ground."

    Temper, temper

    Wide receiver Antonio Bryant had been on his best behavior this training camp.

    But he flashed a little of his temper and impatience, which in June led to him hurling a jersey in Bill Parcells' face, during Friday's practice.

    "Why am I even out here running routes?" he asked to nobody in particular after quarterback Vinny Testaverde threw a pass to Zuriel Smith instead of him during a drill.

    Earlier, he had slammed his helmet down after Testaverde completed a pass to Keyshawn Johnson instead of him.

    Sight seen

    Crowds of reporters gather around quarterback Vinny Testaverde almost daily now, asking everything from, "Is there anything you do better at 40?" to "Do your knees creak?"

    Among the masses assembled Friday were two reporters from Latin Style magazine.

    It begs the question of which of those angles they were exploring with Testaverde, who is neither Latin American nor stylish.


    "Patrick Crayton, you can't look for a hole. You've got to hit that thing at 100 mph. You are not fast enough to look for a hole."

    -- Cowboys special teams coach Bruce DeHaven, yelling to rookie wide receiver Patrick Crayton on a kick return drill in Thursday's morning practice.


    SS Darren Woodson: surgery to repair herniated disk (July 27) ... Out 6-8 weeks

    C Gennaro DiNapoli: ankle stress fracture (June) ... Out one month

    RB Erik Bickerstaff: surgery to repair torn Achilles' ... Injured reserve
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    Just a side note, Dale said last night in chat that he had seen Trusty walking with the guy who tells you that the coach wants to see you and bring your playbook.

    Not saying that means he'll be released today, just a heads up in case it happens.

    Oh yeah, one other thign Dale said and Kritter471 (erin Bolen) ratified, Kurt Vollers is scary. They say he makes noises on the elevator and kind of grunts to himself a lot.
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    I love that picture/portrait or Starbach.

    Where did that come from?
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    This deserves one of them ol' :***: emoticons.

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    I found it on a web site about his winning the Heisman in 1963. I really like it.
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    I would guess the Downtown Athletic Club, Heisman Trophy photo.
  7. twa

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    Are you implying that is not normal? :D
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    You are correct sir.
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    I was a sophmore in high school in 1963 in Garland Tx, just outside of Dallas.

    Navy lost 2 games that year one to SMU and the other in the Cotton Bowl to Texas.

    While Roger ended up being one of my ALL TIME favorite football players, I have to say the results of those games in 1963 were awfully satisfying. :D
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    He played HS ball in NM where I grew up at NMMI. The stories of hwo good he really was are legendary.

    Just like with Ted Williams giving up the prime years of his baseball career for the service I wonder how much better Roger's numbers might have been with those 5 years on the table.

    He started game 1 of 1969 as a rookie out of football for 5 years over a #1 draft pick in Craig Morton. That is simply amazing.
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    Hey! Vinnie resembles that remark!
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    That is funny. They should try to provoke him. I would suggest poking him with a stick.
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    This pretty much tells you all you ned to know about how great an athlete and QB Roger was.
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    Poke him eith a stick and I bet you get back a twig. :D
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    Take a look at his pic....he does have a little of that crazy look about him..., Kurt.jpg
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