News: FWST: Cowboys had issues with Ryan’s scheme before last season

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    By Clarence E. Hill Jr.

    When it comes to the current state of the Dallas Cowboys, vice-president Stephen Jones remains as uncomfortable and frustrated as his father, owner Jerry Jones.

    But when you list the things the Cowboys felt they needed to do to improve in the off-season, revamping the staff and defensive philosophy trumped all, Jones said.

    The Cowboys believe the players will fit well in the 4-3 defense. Jones is hoping the team gets the most benefit out of the change is philosophy. The Cowboys felt Ryan’s defense was too complicated and they wanted a simpler and more fundamentally-sound approach that Kiffin will bring.

    According to Jones, this was a not a decision that happened over night following the season ending loss at Washington. It was a decision the Cowboys had been mulling dating back to Ryan’s first year with the team.

    "Where we fundamentally came down with Rob is that his philosophy is about multiple scheme," Jones said. "I think you have to skinny it down. Philosophically, I don’t think Rob believes in that. And it’s not something that happened and all of a sudden at the end of the year we had a problem. I think Rob will tell you we had long visits about this in the off-season last year that there was too much scheme. He tried to cut it back and he did skinny it back, but it’s still a lot.

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  2. JakeCamp12

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    Can't say that I disagree, I feel there is too much confusion on both sides of the ball. Let's see what the team looks like this year.
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    You watch San Francisco and they keep it surprisingly simple. Then again, that defense is loaded.
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    Same with Seattle, Chi, Denver

    All the crazy Fronts and formations is ok at times but to much, with to much substitutions can be a problem.

    I do feel a little disguise in the secondary is a good thing, but Rob was just running guys in and out of the game, running different plays after plays, with no disguise and at the wrong times.

    When Wade got fired mid season, and we ran a simple D, you say a different cowboys defense...we got more allows you to play more free when things are simple and less confusion.
  5. Chocolate Lab

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    Why hire him in the first place, then? Part of the attraction of him was the multiple looks that confused QBs like Brees and Brady.
  6. WoodysGirl

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    It's like opening a piece of Valentine's Day candy.

    It looks all pretty in the wrapper. You peel back the wrapper and see it's a chocolate. And you're all, "Ohh, I love chocolate!" Then you take a bite, and it's got some nasty pink marshmellow stuff in the middle.

    They liked the idea of the multiple looks that he may have brought, but if the team is more confused than the QBs they're trying to confuse, then they probably have the same taste in their mouth as they would after eating the nasty pink marshmellow stuff in the middle.
  7. InmanRoshi

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    I have a feeling that given the Ryans' family predisposition for exaggeration and hyperbole he probably made some promises to Jerry that if the Cowboys went all in revamping the CB corp that he could guarantee a dominating defense. When those promises went unfulfilled there was a reckoning. Ryan could probably (justifiably) claim that the injuries were too much to overcome, but just like any other business when you over-promise and under-deliver to the bosses there are consequences.
  8. Future

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    What exactly were the "multiple looks" and "multiple schemes" that he used. The only thing he ever did different was have spencer rush or drop in coverage. Otherwise, everything looked pretty basic to me.
  9. Bluestang

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    Look at the 2011 game vs the Bills and that's how a zone blitz scheme should work.

    Ryan's problem was putting too much faith in the players to do things they couldn't. I.E. - asking Bradie James to front an A-gap blitz but drop to the sideline in coverage which led to the loss in OT in ARI. Asking Newman to cover #1 WRs on an island when he couldn't do that since the year before. And this year Ryan inexplicably shyed away from allowing the corners to play more press man (even when healthy) in fear of letting the big play happen.

    You guys are also right too, Ryan ran too many sub packages and when you start losing guys to injury you need the replacements to come in and be able to handle the job.

    I'm sure there was more behind the scenes stuff with the turmoil going on with the defensive staff like Ryan skipping the meetings and what not but in the end Ryan failed to deliver.
  10. Stryker44

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    Owner's like Jones and Snyder seem to have issues with anybody who has an ego as massive as theirs (Jimmy Johnson, Marty Schottenheimer, Rob Ryan).

    I knew when he was hired he was running on borrowed time.
  11. Hoofbite

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    Loaded with good players and cast offs.

    Carlos Rogers, Ahmad Brooks, Whitner.

    These are all guys who couldn't get the job done at previous stops.

    I think their coaching staff is pretty loaded.
  12. Hoofbite

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    The more Jerry and the gang try to sell people on Rob's firing over confusion and being disorganized the more I laugh at how tolerant they are of the exact same thing on the offensive side of the ball.
  13. jjktkk

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    You answered your own question. Its great to confuse the opposition. Not so great when your defense is confused as well.
  14. 17yearsandcounting

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    I was just going to post this.

    This Rob stuff thats been coming out is after the fact, smoke and mirrors scapegoating.
  15. jjktkk

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    With a healthy Murray, the offense was putting up points and looking pretty solid at the end of the season. Even when the D was relatively healthy, lack of takeaways were a problem, as well as the entire defense being confused the past two seasons under Ryan.
  16. Chocolate Lab

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    I know that. I thought Rob overcomplicated things, too.

    The point is, you knew what he was when you hired him. His calling card all along was this complex, multiple defense. So don't hire a guy with years of tape based on that and then turn around and act like you have a big problem with it.
  17. Risen Star

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    You're taking this too literally. Ryan is the guy that needs to be blamed this offseason to deflect from the real problem. So the spin on that is his schemes were too complicated.

    Next year it will be Garrett and another spin job as to why.
  18. jjktkk

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    How would Jerry know that the players would have such a hard time digesting Ryan's defense?
  19. Chocolate Lab

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    I know, RS. That's really what I'm getting at.

    Don't hire a giraffe and then complain to everyone that he has spots and a long neck.
  20. jjktkk

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    Click your heels together and keep telling yourself this.

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