News: FWST: Cowboys impressed by how well and how quickly Travis Frederick picked things up

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 14, 2013.

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    You might be right. And the team's already set a precedence for up to three new, young, starters at OL in one season. It'd be fun to see this lineup, especially if Parnell wins the RT job. If for no other reason than it should start up some interesting threads around here for a few weeks if we were to add three new starters and two of them were players we developed from our own bench.
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    well he is an engineer,he has a degree in Comp science and not the usual fake degree you see from athletes.
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    He reported at 317 and has said he wants to play at 320. But some article I read recently said that he is down to 310.
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    He *did* shave off that beard after reporting, right?
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    Sadly, I think Costa will win in camp, but Frederick will start. Possibly because his ceiling is higher or possibly because he was our #1 pic.
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    I think people may be focusing on this issue the wrong way.

    For some reason, the Cowboys don't want to put Costa at OG even though he is strong enough and more comfortable over there. They view him only as a Center, rightly or wrongly.

    So the question is whether you are better with TFred at Center and the worst other starting OG, say Bern. Or are you better off with Bern on the bench, Costa at Center and TFred at OG.

    In the long run you put the best player at Center and find OGs off the scrap heap if need be. I just think everyone made up their minds about Costa from the Monday night game against the Skins with all those errant snaps. He played an average Center for the second half of 2011 and looked quite good in his short stint in 2012. If you look at all the recent rookie interior OL, they have struggled. IMO, you don't want to struggle at Center - better to struggle at OG.

    So I think there are two reasons to get Costa out there. One is that he is better than Bern and Livings and that gap is likely to be even wider this year than it has been in the past. The second reason it is very likely that Costa would play better at Center than TFred will this year. Finally, the only position the FO seems to want Costa to play is Center while they have been working with TFred at OG on the side. I know many of the Wisconsin fans seem to think TFred was even better at OG in 2011 than he was at Center in 2012 so that may just be his better position anyway, too.

    I hope the OL coach has an open mind about things and is willing to mix things up to get our best unit of 5 out there this season.
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    still wonder where this idea came from that Costa played well at the end of 2011. He played better but NOT WELL.
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    He has a degree in computer engineering.

    It's an important distinction. One is one of the more difficult degrees while the other is mostly learning code and data structures. CE includes that as well.

    Wisconsin is one of the best engineering schools in the country. He had to be proficient in topics such as harmonic analysis, multi-variable calculus, and number theory. That is just the math.

    A EE degree is really only rivaled by some physics degrees in difficulty. Particle physics uses a lot of harmonic analysis. Think of the notion of light having the properties of both a particle and a wave and you get the beginnings of that concept.
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    Costa does not need snaps at C just yet. It could very well be they are evaluating Fred at C and also giving him the reps he needs in case they start Costa at C and he goes down. Then you slip Fred to C. I have no idea where anyone is going to play on the OL except LT barring injury there. Maybe Fred gets a starting position or maybe he will back someone up. I doubt that but it is certainly possible.
  10. Idgit

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    He said 'average' in 2011, and that he looked good in 2012. I'd agree with both statements. Costa did significantly improve his technique over the course of 2011, but the result was that he was playing at an acceptable level at the end of that season.
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    Being urgent to get 1st round picks on the field does not mean they start 1st day of practice.
    Almost everyone of this players you listed had the team making a very strong effort to get them on the field right away.

    You're really pushing it calling Dez and some of the other "backups" in their rookie seasons.

    Also, pretty much all of the rest of those you called starters were either starting or logging heavy minutes their rookie season. Felix was drafted to rotated, not start...and that's what he did when healthy early on.

    Anyway, I did not the say the Cowboys always always do this, I said many teams.

    I also pointed out that if there was ever an easy lineup for a 1st round pick to crack , it would be the Cowboys Oline.

    That does not mean TFred won't end up starring for us. Sure hope so!
  12. Eskimo

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    I was only pointing out that in our past we have mostly only started top 10 picks in their rookie years right off the bat. The exception was Spears who was a "need" start.

    So Frederick could be a need start but it wouldn't be at Center where Costa is an okay player. You could argue he could be a need player at OG where Livings was bad at the end of the year and has hurt his knee again and Bern is coming off of surgery right now although he should be ready for TC.
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    He better. Huge key to the season.

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