News: FWST: Cowboys owner truly upbeat, or just giving us a line?

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    Cowboys owner truly upbeat, or just giving us a line?
    Posted Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010 2
    By Clarence E. Hill Jr.

    IRVING -- The Dallas Cowboys' blowout loss to the Minnesota Vikings in the divisional playoffs last year was supposedly a wakeup call to the team's leadership about their deficiencies on the offensive line.

    Quarterback Tony Romo was under siege the entire game. He was sacked six times, including three by left end Ray Edwards, who destroyed right tackle Marc Colombo in the 34-3 shellacking.

    It was widely surmised that the Cowboys' massive line couldn't handle speed and quickness up front.

    Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said improving the line was priority No. 1 in the off-season, albeit at the right price.

    On Thursday, Jones spoke to the media for 24 minutes during practice, discussing the dismal performance against the Vikings and how much better he felt about the line.

    Just about the same time, center Andre Gurode was taking himself out of the workout because of a knee injury he suffered against the Tennessee Titans last week. He underwent an MRI. Results are not yet known.

    Although Gurode told coach Wade Phillips he would be fine, it's undoubtedly a huge concern heading into what is likely a season-saving rematch against the Vikings and their vaunted defensive front.

    Phillips said a healthy Gurode would have been challenged by Vikings tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams, who are regarded as the league's best interior duo. Now he could be limited or the Cowboys might be forced to use guard Kyle Kosier at center for the first time in his career. A center change is a dicey proposition considering the opposition and the prospect of silent counts because of the Metrodome crowd noise.

    "It's a big concern," Phillips said. "We feel confident [Kosier] can do it. But you would rather have your starter. Nothing has been finalized."

    That the Cowboys return to Minnesota still haunted by line issues is ironic because of what happened last season and the team's charge to improve.

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    Houck's quote at the end of the article got my attention.
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    Jerry's about the age of the line got mine.

    And as great a career as Houck has had, I can't wait for him to be gone.
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    I thought he was a great hire at the time but I agree with you.
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    It is hard to say, isn't it?

    How much of the problem is Houck?
    How much of the problem is Garrett's scheme?
    How much of the problem is a mismatch between Garrett's scheme and the strengths of his OL personnel?
    How much of the problem is Jerry's selection / acquisition of current OL starters?

    All of the above?

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