News: FWST: Cowboys will determine Jenkins' role after they see what he can do

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Aug 30, 2012.

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    Cowboys will determine Jenkins' role after they see what he can do
    by Charean Williams

    The Cowboys don't know what Mike Jenkins can or can't do. They haven't seen him since do anything, football-wise, since the 2011 season ended. So whether he plays in the season opener and what his role will be this season is to be determined.

    For now, the Cowboys are just glad to have their cornerback back.

    Jenkins passed his physical Wednesday night, and Dr. James Andrews cleared Jenkins without Jenkins going to Florida. Team doctors sent Andrews the reports electronically. Jenkins is cleared to practice Saturday.

    "We just need to see him practice, and he’s been cleared to practice, so we just want to make sure he goes out there and practices the way that he’s capable of practicing," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Thursday. "He hasn’t practiced a whole lot of football in a while, so conditioning is certainly a factor, getting himself re-acclimated to just playing football is a factor, so we’ll evaluate him day by day. It’s good to see that he is cleared. It's going to be good to have him out on the practice field on Saturday."...

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    ........this guy isn't going to play on WEdnesday: no way no how. Matter of fact, I won't expect to see him back until the 2nd or 3rd game...joke of an article.
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    He certainly comes in for a lot of bad rap on this board but he has been our best cb since we drafted him. A healthy Jenks at some point this season will only make us better.
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    yeah if we get all out jenkins. Not if we get the jenkins that is made and out here making business decisions:banghead: aka not trying to get hurt or playing all out.
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    I like Jenks and think he will play on Wed. He can at least cover Martellus without any playing shape. :)
  6. rags747

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    Come on...Even Connor could probably cover MB
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    In fact, no one needs to cover Martellus, he will drop the ball. Just send the extra guy as a blitzer.
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    jenkins knows the defense from playing in it all last year

    if he practices well, he will play
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    Yeah? According to the entire defensive unit no one knew the defense from last year cause of the lockout.

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