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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 16, 2011.

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    -- Charean Williams

    Running back Felix Jones returned to practice Wednesday. Though he was limited, he is expected to play Sunday. How much remains to be seen.

    In the four games Jones has been out rehabbing a high left ankle sprain, DeMarco Murray has rushed for 601 yards. Murray averaged 21.5 touches in those four games.

    "We certainly like Felix Jones," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Wednesday. "He’s been a very strong contributor to our football team the last few years both running the football and also as a pass receiver, so we want to get him back involved in it. We certainly want to continue to hand the ball to DeMarco Murray and also throw it to him. He’s been a big factor in some of our success on offense in recent weeks. So we want to make sure he continues to get his opportunities, and we’ll continue to get Felix back in the flow of things on offense assuming his ankle gets better and better as the week goes on."

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    Charean Williams earns my respect more and more. I know one place to go, so I can get some news.

    Felix Jones can do very significant damage on 12-13 carries per game, and I think Jason Garrett and the organization knows it. I think the 12-13 range is all that Felix really needs, because Jones is such an explosive player. Plus, the run blocking has really improved. The physicality of this offensive line is so much better since New England. Holland and Fiammetta have made a big impact, too. Jones is going to find some of those holes, and when he does, look out. In fact, I'm looking forward to carries 1-9 with the run blocking that I've seen the past four weeks.

    Jones' longest career rush, a 73 yard TD, came on his 12th carry.

    Jones' longest rush this year, a 40 yard run, came on his 13th carry.

    I'd be very happy seeing Jones get 12-13 rushes per game, and Murray can certainly have the rest. Those 12-13 rushes for Jones are premium rushes for the Cowboys, because the player is so explosive. Jones is the fastest, most explosive player that the Cowboys have.

    I hope they don't put him back on kickoffs unless the kickoff team is going to block people, because I still remember what happened to Dez Bryant. I'd be really cautious about that. I might consider it during an "emergency". I might. I really don't like the idea, because of the injuries that I've seen on kickoff returns. I don't like the risk.

    I wish the Cowboys would run it 30 times per game.

    Murray 17

    Jones 13

    If that happens, the Cowboys are going to put some beat-downs on some teams.
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    minus well add felix to the kick return game to increase his touches.
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    Jones' longest run on grass is in my signature, a 60 yard TD.

    I think Jones has a good shot to go yard this week and challenge that mark.
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    I don't want to see them give any of Murray's carries to Jones. Felix has shown flashes...Murray has been bright steady light. Give Murray his 21 carries per game and get the ball to Jones however many carries are left over (and hope he can beat out Tanner).
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    I would like to get him some carries and see how he does against the same team and behind the same blocking. If he plays lights out it's win win for us.
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    Murray - 22 touches
    Jones - 8 touches + kickoff duties
    Tanner - special teams and garbage time touches.
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    Felix Jones is a special kick returner... They need to get him on the field anyway possible offensively because he's too explosive to be on the sidelines, put him out at WR or something.

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