News: FWST: Dallas Cowboys fans calling for Jerry Jones' hide

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Jan 8, 2012.

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    Dallas Cowboys fans calling for Jerry Jones' hide
    By Randy Galloway

    It might be; it could be...
    Is it?

    If I'm gauging this correctly, the fandom backlash, even the overall local media backlash, against Jerry Jones the past week has reached decibel and disgust levels that are close to a nearly two-decade high.

    This time, Jerry, you and your team have really hissed off the populace, and since you've made the team about you, it's you, Jerry, catching the heavy blame.

    But is that just me, or...

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    I'm in....:bow:
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    i do not care if jones is the GM or not i just wish he would keep a lower profile and quit those radio shows. jones says one thing and then garrett says another in his press conference. head coach should be the only voice the team should hear. i think the draft last year was a good start in the right direction. we have a good right tackle maybe a left in the future and maybe a franchise rb in murray. if jones can get better inside offensive line players and if we can get a good young corner on defense and get more pressure. maybe this team can make the playoffs again. there is no way how much complaining the media and us fans will jones step down from the gm role.
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    Love it. Absolutely love seeing this column. It shows that we are starting to be heard as a fanbase. And I think he does a fair job of reporting what might happen within realistic expectations.

    This is the hard truth..... if Jerry was the GM for any other NFL team, he would have been fired YEARS ago. It's time for us to act.

    Bottom line Cowboys fans..... if you want change at the top, it's time to put your wallet away when it comes to the Cowboys.

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    It will never happen but I wish he would just do his job and then step back into the shadows. He should be as visible as Art Rooney in the Pittsburgh suite. You can barely see him. Hand out the money, step into the shadows, let the people you hired do their job.
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    +1 :starspin
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    We can bash, rant, whine and cry all we want to get another GM but as long as JJ is still breathing it's just flat not gonna happen people...let's say to appease the fans he brings in another GM...who do you REALLY think is still going to be calling the shots...titles mean nothing here..there is but on emporer and we know who that is.
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    His legacy will be that of tearing down one of the NFL's greatest dynasties and then having them wallow in mediocre for decades.

    Good job, Jerry. You did it your way! Moron.
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    Jerry is what Jerry is. he loves the limelight , so forget him taking a low profile or staying off the sidelines ( which i have no problem with).
    Jerry is a gambler and will roll the dice ala Deion TO and Rw11. Sometimes it works sometime it doesnt.
    Jerry will give his coaches the guys he wants ( and in some cases some he doesnt) Parcells got his defensive guys in the draft and all those olinman parcells guys that we flat out waisted money on. and bobboe carpenter
    Wade got his guys brooking , olshanski , Jenkins, the expense of Canty and others..
    And Jerry gave Garett what he wanted in drafting a first round OT , something most said jerry would NEVER do. We also got Murruy and some guard prospects for the future.

    Im not letting jerry off the hook by any means, but Our past and present coaches played a BIG role in our draft sucess. Prossman
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    well, I hope jerry, enjoys the playoff....:p:
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    we are consumers of Jerry's product.

    you stop buying the subpar product and the owner will make changes.

    You can still watch, root, hope, pray whatever but quit buying seats at those ridiculous prices for the 16 year crappy product.
  13. 28 Joker

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    That old "retread" John Fox just won himself a playoff game in Denver. :eek:

    I have read (on multiple sites) where guys like Fox and Fisher were "old retreads".

    After Jeff Fisher gets a young Sam Bradford, he is probably going to surpass the Cowboys some time in the short-term.
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    He will struggle to fill that stadium next year. They won't miss my money, but I will not be a Sunday Ticket customer in 2012.
  15. ScipioCowboy

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    I admit to deriving some measure of visceral satisfaction from Galloway's article. Unfortunately, it quickly dissipated...
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    As they should.

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