News: FWST: DeMarcus Ware could need off-season surgery

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Dec 27, 2012.

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    -- Charean Williams

    Ware might need off-season shoulder surgery.

    "I can answer that, but I'm not going to answer that," Ware said Thursday. "Maybe. Maybe not. Wait to the end of the season to see."

    Ware was voted to his seventh consecutive Pro Bowl on Wednesday, but he hesitated when asked if he would play in the Jan. 27 all-star game.

    "I don’t know yet," Ware said. "Just depends on what they say."

    "I think in some ways you've got to fight through it mentally," Ware said. "You have to be mentally sharp, knowing what’s going on. They throw a lot of stuff at you. The Washington Redskins do, and you've got to figure out: How can I get an edge? I feel like physically I'm there, but mentally I can get better."

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    atleast ware doesnt worry about injury reports. he just plays. unlike some other teammates
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    Who's this a jab at? What did I miss?
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    Just internet tough-guy talk. There hasn't been anyone that we fans on the outside can criticize for not sucking it up.

    NO. ONE.

    We've had a ton of guys suck it up for the team this season.
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    Was it a leftover Jenkins jab, maybe? Or just one of those 'woe is us' posts that didn't happen to be very well thought-out?
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    Glad to see he's gutting it out. We need him. Even at 70% we need him.
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    If he's out there, he needs to be more disciplined than he was in the first game. RG3 got the edge a couple of times when he bit on fake handoffs.

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