News: FWST: Dez Bryant, others show need for accountability partners is growing

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    By Mac Engel

    In these trying economic times, all of us are looking to create new revenue streams, and part of the recovery process includes all sorts of new jobs that had not existed previously. I am now volunteering my services, for a small fee, as a professional Accountability Partner for any and all FW/d professional athletes.

    The Accountability Partners field is a growth sector of the sports economy, both here in the greater FW/d and nationwide. Ohio State, USC or certainly Miami could easily design and offer this as a major requiring only 30 credit hours, and an internship in a big-league city. Completion of the degree requires only that your friend (we don't call them "clients") remain rap-sheet free during your internship.

    This is a hard job, and requires 24/7 on-call availability. There are at least two local openings, but countless other opportunities from New York to Miami to LA.

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