News: FWST: Galloway: Thank you, Wade Phillips. Seriously.

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. WoodysGirl

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    By Randy Galloway


    Leftover memo to myself from last week:

    "Thank Wade."

    But getting around to it today is actually better timing than a week ago because we've now had the hindsight advantage of seeing Drew Brees slice and dice the Giants of New York on Monday night.

    So what does that have to do with giving a thank-you shout out to the dearly departed former head coach of the Cowboys?

    Hold on. I'm getting there.

  2. joseephuss

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    What a crappy article.
  3. CCBoy

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    I can see why the bar tab was jerked. A fan who roots bad play, makes for a sarcastic drunk.:cool:
  4. Doomsday101

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    I don't see any reason to pile on Wade. Hell his predicatable defense is playing great ball in Houston even after their top defensive player Mario Williams went down for the season.
  5. bbailey423

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    At this point this stuff does not bother me, but for some reason, the Dallas media cannot HELP themselves. The dump on this team win the lose. They dump on this team when they win. The same Saints team (which is very good by the way) also lost to the Rams this year...a team we crushed. And we pretty much faced this SAME Saints team 2 years ago in their backyard...and crushed them. The Giants have the misfortune of a touch schedule? Was he saying that as they were losing at home to the Seahawks? A team we beat in Dallas. Or maybe he has sympathy for them going on the road and losing in Frisco. Again, a team we beat in Frisco. Or perhaps he feels like the schedule Gods were unkind to the Giants when they lost in DC. Again, a team we SWEPT.

    It's the same tired button the Dallas media wants to push when the Cowboys look like they might have a succesful season: start downgrading their accomplishments!
  6. Hostile

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    Which is all this article is, mixed in with a little self righteous sanctimony.
  7. Marktui

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    That whole strength of schedule is kinda wacky. I remember a couple of years ago where everyone before the season was saying that Dallas had a tough schedule and then the top teams from last year had down years.

    At what point in the season they play them too is crucial. Detroit, Chicago, SF and Houston. They were on a roll early on, now Detroit, Chicago and Houston have had key losses to personnel and are more vulnerable now.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I think I read the whole thing. Cant tell, my head starting spinning.

    Did he ever mention why he is thanking Wade?

  9. jimnabby

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    Well, this may be the most stupid article I've ever read. The schedule is helping us, even though we lost the only scheduling-related game we've played. Huh?
  10. silverbear

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    Typical Galloway... basically, what he is is a shock jock masquerading as a newspaper reporter... he sees his job not as providing insight, he thinks his job is provoking a reaction, preferably a negative one...

    Seldom if ever has the word "twit" been more applicable to a man...
  11. hmcorp

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    he thanked him for sucking so bad that they got an easier schedule this year.
  12. joseephuss

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    I don't know why I read it. I agree with everything you said in describing him and have known this for a long time. It is why I don't usually read his articles or listen to him talk. I don't know why I changed my mind today and decided to read this article. Bad move on my part and it only reinforces what I think of Galloway.
  13. joseephuss

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    You left out that the Giants struggled to beat the Dolphins at home just like Dallas.
  14. bbailey423

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    And the Bills for that matter! But you know, the schedule has been extra 'kind' to Dallas. Let me think back, we did beat the Bills right? Their game against the Pats came down to the last drive like ours with the Pats...they made a play we did not..they won we lost. But again, they have barley beaten and/or lost to teams we have beaten and/or destroyed. You play who is on the schedule. I ain't making no apologies for winning games. Not to mention, they have had the 'fortune' of having their starting QB not miss games in forever. Not to mention those "road" games against the Jets!
  15. Keystone_Heavy

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    Its Randy Galloway, what do you people expect? Haven' you guys ever listend to GaC?
  16. BraveHeartFan

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    Man this guy is a freaking hack. This is just another reason I can't listen to GAC. This guy continues to prove he's nothing more than a complete moron.

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