News: FWST: Garrett says Marty B did a good job with Cowboys, will do a nice job with Giant

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said former backup tight end Martellus Bennett is going to do a nice job for the Giants and will play in the NFL for a long time.

    He said Bennett did what he was asked to do with the Cowboys – run-block and pass-protect – while playing behind a seven-time Pro Bowl tight end in Jason Witten.

    “We drafted Martellus, and Martellus had a role as our backup tight end, or our second tight end,” Garrett said. “We used him a lot. The personnel group that he played in most, what we called ‘12’ – two receivers, two tight ends and one back – we probably used that more than any other personnel group in our offense, and certainly we used that personnel group probably as much as anybody in our league. Martellus’ role for us was to be a run-blocker. He did that very well. And a pass protector. He did that very well. And when he had opportunities to catch the ball, for the most part he did a pretty good job.”

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    Jason being PC is all. A "good" job is not the same as the way he talked in this morning's presser about guys like Romo and Orton, by comparison.
    "We feel like we have an 'outstanding' starting quarterback
    and an 'outstanding' number two 2 quarterback..."
    Marty B being given his generic props, since there's nothing gained by being critical of him. That in answer to the question, "Why didn't it work for Martellus here?" That's what I got from it. Bennett's gone. As Jason likes to say, "We're focused on the team we have now." He doesn't spend much time dwelling on the past. Marty B is the past.

    JG said he'd do a "nice" job in NY. Not exactly a rousing endorsement.
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    Sadly Romo couldn't make MartyB any better than poor.
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    John Garrett says the same thing. And I get the feeling he was a pain in the neck to coach.
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    The kid is a great blocker so that means he puts in good effort.

    The problem is that he is not a natural receiver. He didn't really flash those skills in college and he didn't do it in games here. Maybe he'll finally start to get it but I'm not holding my breath. He probably got good coaching here from coach Garrett - he seems to have done a good job with Phillips and Hanna. Garrett managed to turn Hanna from a maligned receiver into a very productive receiving threat in one TC.
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    From what I remember, people were raving about his athletic ability, not his blocking when he was drafted. Seems like we just made the best of a lazy slouch
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    Marty B sucks and Garrett knows it. The only thing good about Marty was his ability to block.
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    I like how u "accidentally" misspelled that word;)

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