News: FWST: In a roundabout way, Rob Ryan admits injuries caught up to Cowboys

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    The Cowboys were so injury-depleted on the defensive front Sunday night, they were having trouble lining up and recognizing plays, defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said.

    “We knew what that was going to be – a hard day,” Ryan said. “We still could have done a lot better. Could have gotten our fronts checked. We were having trouble checking our fronts. We’re a banged-up group, guys. Hell, we weren’t on point getting our checks, and you need to be against that team.”

    “We thought we were in the game to the end,” Ryan said. “Questionable hit on the quarterback. Whatever. They were grabbing receivers all day, too. But that’s the way it is in this league. It was unfortunate we gave up that last touchdown because I would have liked to have seen our offense with the ball down by six and a chance to go win it.”

    He said he still thought the Cowboys were a top defense.

    “It changed a little bit, obviously, by the end,” he said. “But these guys played hard. They gave us everything that they had. But there’s a hell of a football team over there that’s banged up. I know with our offense and with Jason running this thing, I mean, you know, we’re right there, guys. Everybody can see it. We want another chance to do that. But hey, we’ll see what happens.”

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    I know everyone can pick out whatever they want to out of an entire article, but the last sentence caught my eye.

    "We want another chance to do that. But hey, we’ll see what happens.” Doesn't exactly sound like a very confident guy...

    Regardless, I thought the team did a good job of competing through some awful injuries, like Ryan said. I know that Matt Eberflus is one of my favorite coaches in the league. I would love to see that group healthy and productive.
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    The way this team competed the last half of the season was probably the best thing I've seen in Dallas since the run in '09. They made mistakes, but at least it looked like everyone was putting in a legitimate effort, for the most part.

    That will happen with backups trying to earn a spot and prove themselves, but I think it can be an asset towards setting the tone for the future.

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