News: FWST: Jenkins frustrated/Bennett too/Roy not panicking

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 19, 2010.

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    Cornerback Mike Jenkins said the Cowboys underestimated the Bears and did not play with enough passion.

    "They came out and had a good game," he said of the Bears receivers. "We just underestimated their players. We could have come out a little more fired up. I put that on ourselves. They had a lot of great calls against us. Great catches. That just shows the caliber of receivers they are."

    Jenkins said he bumped knees with another players and will have an MRI on his right knee.

    Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett had seven catches for 45 yards in the loss to the Bears. His post-game comments:
    "I'm pretty frustrated. A lot of people make fun of me because I am an outgoing guy, but it is all about living in the moment. You can't think about tomorrow, the play after that, or the play before. It is all about living in the moment, and once everyone starts doing that and they realize what we are doing at that time, we will eliminate a lot of mistakes.​

    "I don't take anything for granted. When you are out there, you have to enjoy it and make the most out of every single play you get."

    Roy Williams: Cowboys are 0-2 but not panicking

    On whether he thought his forward progress was stopped on his fumble...
    I can't worry about that. I just have to hold on to the ball, and that is all that needs to be said. That is the referee's call whether he made the right call or not. I just have to hold on to the ball.​

    On whether the team faces an uphill battle with two losses...
    It's not college football, and it's not the BCS. We are an 0-2 football team. We have a game coming up next week and then we have the bye week. Hopefully we will go into the bye week one and two. We need to regroup and handle the schedule. We are not panicking. We have two losses, and that is fine. We can still end up fourteen and two and be on our way.​

  2. Zman5

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    Note to Jenkins and the rest of the Cowboys:

    "YOU guys are in no position to underestimate anyone!"
  3. DanteEXT

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    Not sure I've ever seen a guy give interviews with a serious injury right after a game so hopefully it's nothing.
  4. Star4Ever

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    The fact that we have players that actually admitted they underestimated ANYONE says a lot about where this organization is at this point. It all goes back to leadership and we don't have any.
  5. Double Trouble

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    No kidding. Why any of these guys would think that coming off a loss is impossible to imgaine.
  6. AlterEgo

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    My God. You mean a team that lost to the Redskins came into this game thinking it was going to be handed to them? This pretty much confirms these players are not on edge and Wade needs to go. I've never publicly called for a coaches head on this board but that small quote says a WHOLE lot!

    It's worse than I thought...
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    Roy was hit at the 28. Fumble occurs at the 32. 4yds and 3seconds. Of course *I* think it's enough to rule forward progress. The officials did huddle together after the play a second, so at least one guy may have thought the same thing. Lazy officiating IMO.

  8. jimmy40

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    if his knee is fine then that was a NBA worthy injury performance
  9. miamicowboy21

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  10. Asklesko

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    It's like I've always said: these Cowboys all share just one braincell. So STUPID. To underestimate the Bears -- to underestimate anyone -- lmao.
  11. mldardy

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    Really stupid on Jenkins part to even admit that. That is something you just don't say to the media. Even if it is true don't say that stuff in public. I mean come on man.
  12. NextGenBoys

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    So we're still under-estimating teams?

    This coaching staff has absolutely zero ability as motivators. I think they might be getting tuned out by the players.
  13. jimmy40

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    just an excuse for him getting burned
  14. Maikeru-sama

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    When I read Jenkins' quote, I wondered how long it takes for these guys to stop underestimating teams.
  15. jimmy40

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    Still have to score twice in 4 minutes, not like the game was going to be tied the next play.
  16. tyke1doe

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    That tells you right there this team is not mentally prepared to play this game.
  17. NextGenBoys

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    Which falls on the coaches.
  18. UnoDallas

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    well Roy you don't have worry you got your money

    2010: $3,452,629 (+ $9.5 million guaranteed option bonus)

    12 mil for what the a game changing fumble ?

    the first guy I cut when the season is over

    we be seeing you - bye bye
  19. firehawk350

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    Not saying you guys should cut him, but Jenkins played a horrendous game. He was pretty throughly toasted most of the night.
  20. Seven

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    Welp, I gotta cry BS on his comment. They didn't underestimate anyone. Dallas came out swinging and shut them down their first two drives. SHUT THEM DOWN. Like nothing I've ever witnessed before. Then...........they were outcoached and exposed. JMO, of course. Martz ain't no dummy.

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