News: FWST: Kitna a nice surprise, but Romo still the guy

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Juke99, Nov 23, 2010.

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    Kitna a nice surprise, but Romo still the guy

    Cowboys season proves the football gods must be crazy Related story

    By Jennifer Floyd Engel


    engel IRVING -- Of all the crazy things we have seen emanating from Valley Ranch in this post-Wade world -- effort and try, defensive stands, Ws and now two of them back to back -- there is still nothing more shocking than the play of QB Jon Kitna.

    Of course, I am assuming the guy threading the touchdown pass through double coverage to Miles Austin and then naked bootlegging 29 yards for another Sunday was actually Kitna.

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  2. ThreeSportStar80

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    I doubt VY will land in Dallas.
  3. aikemirv

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    ANybody who is surprised by Kitna really has not paid much attention to football over the past 10 years.

    This is getting bizzare if you ask me.

    The guys career has been impressive. It is not his fault he has played on some really bad teams.

    His career stats are on par with Eli Mannings. The only thing he is a bit high on are INTs/ per game 1.3 to Eli's 1 - TD's per game 1.47 to 1.36

    To Romo, that is a different story.

    Career passer rating - Romo 95.9 Kitna 77.1

    TD/ INT Ratio - Romo 2/1 , Kitna 1/1

    Yds per comp. Romo 8.0 Kitna 6.7 Eli 6.8

    So lets face it, Kitna is no Romo but he is close to Eli!;)
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    I hope Kitna comes back next year... Dallas needs a proven guy as a backup!
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    I'm really happy that Kitna has done his job, thus far, as a backup QB. He gets the job done nicely and knows his stuff and most importantly knows his role, and place, on the team.

    If there was anyone out there actually doubting that Romo is still the guy in Dallas then they're clueless.
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    Bbbbbbbbbbut Eli's TEAM (mostly the defense) won a fluke SB so that makes him a better QB than Romo. :rolleyes: X1000
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    Kitna has been a good QB for years. His major flaw is too many INTs.

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