News: FWST: Mike Jenkins says going 'back to the basics' making big difference for him

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Dec 20, 2011.

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    Cornerback Mike Jenkins said he’s gone “back to the basics” this year, and the result is a good season. He has eight pass breakups and an interception in 14 games, a year after what was widely viewed as a disappointing season.

    “I changed my technique up a little bit,” he said. “Last year, I was trying something new. I just kind of went back to what I know, the basics. It’s working pretty good for me this year.”

    Jenkins had a Pro Bowl year in 2009, his second year, when he had 60 tackles, 23 breakups and five interceptions in the Cowboys’ playoff year. Last year, he had 59 tackles, 15 breakups and one interception as the Cowboys went 6-10.

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    Honestly I think it's just effort. Last year it was pretty evident he was pretty satisfied with where he was at and he just simply didn't try very hard on defense. This year he's putting in that effort that you need and as a result he's back to his 2009 form.
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    Garrett's message has really got through to all these guys. Play through your successes and play through your failures.
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    Get Campo out of here.
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    Hope he indeed has learned his lesson. If so Cowboys have the CB for future for next few years. I will wait till next year to believe that.
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    From what I heard, he said he wasn't coming back after his contract was up. That was The official site of the Cowboys. In one of the podcasts. They also said that Stephen Bowen said the same thing, and you see he didn't. Don't shoot the messenger. Just saying what I heard. This was earlier in the year this was said. Who knows, maybe JG got him back. I hope so. We could sure use him in the future.

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