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News: FWST: Murray says Cowboys ran the ball OK against Seattle, all things considered

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 19, 2012.

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    -- Carlos Mendez

    The Cowboys ran for 143 yards the first week and 49 yards the second week.

    That’s a big difference stat-wise, but running back DeMarco Murray said the performance was fine overall at Seattle last week.

    “I thought when we did run the ball, we ran it ok,” he said Wednesday at Valley Ranch. “There are definitely some times that it could have been a little bit better, from my standpoint, O-line’s standpoint. But off the limited opportunities we had, for the most part we did ok. But at the same time, we got down. We didn’t have many plays in the second half. We really couldn’t run the ball that much.”

    “We’ve just got to finish a few blocks better, definitely got to read the holes better from a running back standpoint,” he said. “We got down real early, so we really didn’t get to run it as much as we would like. That’s part of the game. We’ve just got to execute a little bit better.

    Murray said the Seahawks were bent on stopping the run.

    Read more here: http://sportsblogs.star-telegram.co...ok-against-seattle-all-things-considered.html

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