FWST Notes: Parcells pushing Canty to start making big plays

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    Posted on Fri, Sep. 22, 2006


    IRVING - Coach Bill Parcells said he wants defensive end Chris Canty to be more productive, and the second-year pro agrees. The two spoke, and Parcells conveyed his feelings.

    "He said, 'Just take a chance. Stop being a robot. Make plays,'" said Canty, who has five tackles, but no sacks. "I haven't made tackles. I haven't made any plays."

    Canty talked to his oldest brother, a high school coach in South Carolina, about what's wrong. It's not what he's doing wrong; he's not in the wrong position. It's what he's not doing; he's not making plays.

    "It feels like I'm getting off to a slow start," he said. "Offenses, guys know my name at least now. They understand what I try to do. My part is I have to take my development to the next level.

    "I'm [ticked] off. I expect better. There is no choice. I'm a little desperate right now. I'd love to have a game this week."

    Running rotation

    Bill Parcells said running back Julius Jones' 20 carries Sunday were about what he wants game to game. Jones finished with 94 yards.

    By rotating Jones with Marion Barber, the Cowboys expect to keep Jones fresher and possibly avoid another injury. Barber had eight carries for 39 yards and a touchdown.

    "I'm running the ball decent right now," Jones said. "The offensive line seems like it's coming together a little bit more."

    Jones, however, carried most of the load against Jacksonville with 17 carries for 72 yards. Barber had three carries.

    "He tried to run hard on every play that he carried the ball, and I think he ran effectively," Parcells said of Jones' performance against Washington.


    Texas Tech men's basketball coach Bob Knight, a friend of Bill Parcells, attended Thursday's practice.

    Safety Roy Williams held a bowling tournament Thursday to raise money for the Roy Williams Safety Net Foundation, which aids low-income single-mother households. For information on the foundation, call 214-905-3542 or go to www.roywilliams31.com.

    Former Cowboys safety Darren Woodson, who grew up in a single-parent household, hosts the first Darren Woodson 5K run and Kidfest at 8 a.m. Saturday at Austin Ranch in The Colony. Woodson and former Cowboys running back Tony Dorsett are scheduled to be on hand for the event, which benefits the Single Parent Foundation. For information, go to www.woodsonrun.com.

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    JJ can handle 25 carries per game IMO......he seems much tougher this year

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