News: FWST: Phillips gives Dallas Cowboys time off, with good behavior

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    IRVING -- With a bye this Sunday, Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips sent his team away Thursday for a three-day weekend.

    Phillips gave the players a speech about staying focused and doing the right thing. But he said he is not worried about the Cowboys getting into trouble during the bye because his team is filled with players with good character.

    "I don't worry about that," Phillips said. "You could worry every day about young people and we've got quite a few on our team. You talk to them a lot about off-the-field things and how much that influences, and you don't know. We have a good group of guys and I don't specifically worry about that."

    More dinner talk Receiver Roy Williams is still full from the roughly $55,000 dinner rookie receiver Dez Bryant paid for on Monday.

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was [extra hungry and thirsty]," Williams said with a laugh. "I ain't ate in two days. I'm good."

    Injury update
    Tight end Jason Witten (knee), guard Kyle Kosier (knee), tackle Marc Colombo (knee) and wide receivers Dez Bryant (hip and ribs) and Sam Hurd (hip) missed practice Thursday. All will be re-evaluated Monday. Bryant, Hurd, Colombo and Witten were held out mainly as a precaution.

    They should play against the Titans on Oct. 10. Kosier's situation is a little more iffy until he returns to practice.
    Clarence E. Hill Jr.,

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    Would have never seen that one coming. :)
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    OH no...Captain Cupcake strikes again. A whole weekend off?!! This team needs to be out there on the field banging heads and getting better. :bang2:

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    nah we should just line 'em up and have somebody yell at them for a couple hours each day, that will straighten them out!

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