News: FWST: Recently retired Jon Kitna leaves the game a fan of Cowboys' Tony Romo

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    -- Clarence Hill

    Veteran backup quarterback Jon Kitna always felt that this past season would be his last.

    However, it ended a little faster than he planned when he suffered a back injury in practice in November.

    He didn’t go on injured reserve until Dec. 15 as the Cowboys held out hope that he would improve before other injuries forced them to clear a roster spot.

    “We were in practice on Wednesday and I was running scout team,” Kitna recalled. “I twisted the wrong way and herniated the disk. I always had a bulging disk. It finally herniated. I knew once I got put on injured reserve it was over.

    "I always felt it was my last year anyway. Now I was sure. Like I told Jason [Garrett] when I hurt my back, ‘I’m no longer someone you can count on health wise.’ I felt it was time.”

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    He's a good guy and a classy individual.

    I was certainly glad to have him as the back up QB in Dallas.

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