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    Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo told the New York media on a conference call that his injured right hand is improving, and he expects to play Sunday. Romo bruised his throwing hand on the fourth play of last week's loss to the Eagles when he hit it on Jason Babin's helmet. Here is the transcript from his intreview with the Giants' media:

    Q: How is your hand feeling?
    A: It continues to improve day-by-day. Today was good. I was able to do some things with the ball that we weren’t sure about so it was a good start to the week. We are going to keep working on it and get all the treatment and stuff. We should be good to go for this weekend.

    Q: Do you have to continue to get it checked out throughout the week?
    A: I think we are going to evaluate it all the time. I think before practice, after and in the morning and at night. We are going to work on it and the trainers have done a great job of being on top of it. The swelling continues to subside a little bit each day and that is a good sign.

    Q: Do you expect to play?
    A: Yes, I expect to play.

    Read the full Q&A here:

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