News: FWST: There are plenty of reasons to think Cowboys can be good

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    By Mac Engel

    The Mark Ingle Academy of Ignorant Optimism is having a summer blowout sale — the Dallas Mavericks will sign Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, the Texas Rangers will acquire Cliff Lee without giving up Jurickson Profar, the Dallas Stars will be relevant, and the Dallas Cowboys will be in the postseason.

    Maybe it is this unseasonably wonderful weather we here in the greatness of FW/d are enjoying, or my increase in alcohol consumption, but there is no better time for a little shot of positive thinking in regard to the local professional football team.

    No one is hurt, not even Sean Lee.

    Dez Byrant is a grown-up.

    DeMarco Murray is going to play 16 games.

    Jerry hasn’t botched anything in days, and now has proof he drafted to the board (BTW — scouting director, Tom Ciskowski, you’ve been notified).

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    There have been lots of reasons to think this team will be good for the last 5-6 years. The problem is that they haven't been enough to overcome all of the problems that have happened.

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