News: FWST: Tony Romo more excited than ever about this season and the chances of Cowboys

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    Clarence Hill

    Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is not only finally agreeing with owner Jerry Jones that there is a sense of urgency in organization to make a long playoff and possible Super Bowl run.

    But he believes the talent and environment is finally right in the organization for the Cowboys to finally do so after winning just two playoff games since 1996.

    It has him more excited about the 2012 season than any in recent memory.

    “There is a sense of urgency every year that we have success and do some things that we are excitement about,” said Romo, during an appearance for Starter and its new line of products are Walmart in Arlington. “I agree I haven’t been this excited about a football season in a while. I think that is exciting.”

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    Well that sucks he wasn't as excited the past few years. Lol. I really think Garrett has this team ready to play his year.
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    Or, they are thinking like Jerruh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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    Technically, to be more excited this year implies less excited in previous years. But I think that is really reaching for the negative.
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    Yeah, I just saw Drew Brees say the same thing as Tony did. It's not a negative thing to be fired up

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