G-Girls are going down, and here is why

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Champsheart, Oct 13, 2005.

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    That 203 for Westbrook is a joke. At the combine he was just under 5-8 and weighed less than 180lbs if I recall. Seriously doubt he put on 25lbs in three years. This has been a pet peeve of mine for years. Teams for some reason insist on lying about the height and weight of players. It's silly. Philly listed Westbrook at 5-10 205 last year. Same size as J.Jones. I had an argument with some moron eagle fan that westbrook was as big as Jones. I'd bet dollars to donuts that if I got Westbrook on the scale, he would tip it at 175lb.
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    Being as our defense won't have to play cover 2 since your team has such SLOW and meager receivers. You won't see Roy having to play deep our cornerbacks will be more than up to the task of covering your slug receivers.

    That way we will be able to see Shockey and Toomer run for the sideline because they know what awaits in the Roy Williams zone. I'll bet Roy Williams is fast enough to cover your fleet of slow mediocre receivers.
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    Those stats are completely skewed and aren't really of much use to you. The reason teams haven't run on us is because we have shut down their running games and that is coupled with the fact that they fall behind and need to pass against us. Most of the run yards against us were from LaDainian Tomlinson and he is definitely better than any of your running backs. Excluding the chargers, teams have only run for 145 yards in 59 attempts. Basically less than 3 yards a carry.

    Because teams have fallen behind against us, they have had to pass a lot. The Cardinals made 46 passing attempts, The Saints had 45, and The Rams had 62. Because we were playing soft zone with the lead it allowed them to rack up yards.

    With Jones not playing I do not fear Dallas's run game. The Cowboys will have to win this one in the air. They may be able to do that, but I think Eli will definitely be able to keep up offensively. Will probably be a high scoring game.
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    Amusing those high scoring predictions were the same for our game against the Eagles, everyone seemed to think if we were to beat the Eagles it would be a high scoring affair.

    Well we kept up our end of the prediction scoring 33 points and we even furnished the Eagles with 7 points on a turnover, but the Eagles #1 rated offense could only come up with 3 points against our defense.

    Its good to hear you don't fear the Dallas running game because Julius is injured, unfortunately I'm sure your coaching staff is much better informed that the Giants rather unknowledgable fans. There is a rookie on our roster you'll know the name of this time next week, after you learn your false image of the Giants was a product of playing three of the worst teams in the NFL in your first 4 games
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    I fear the Giant's offense a heckuva lot more than Philly's. Barber has been a thorn in our side ever since his rookie year......Toomer is a solid WR, and Burress (when his head's in the game) is one of the best WRs in the game. Shockey is a big-time threat that we have no answer for.

    Philly had three big time players to worry about.....McNabb, Westbrook, and TO. But by shutting McNabb down, we had nothing to worry about from the other two....mainly because they can't run the ball.

    This is not true with the GMen. Barber always seems to come up big against us.

    Now, the Giants defense can be beaten. I think we can beat them all day long. But I would expect us to try to keep their powerful offense off the field. So, we'll run.......big problem though.....JJ will probably not play. I don't think TT will be quite ready.

    This will be a tough game.....anyone that doubts this may be setting themselves up for a surprise.

    I think we can win.....I think we can win going away....But the same can be said for them.
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    And what good defense have the giants faced? Your in for a big surprise this sunday.
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    Why are we comparing the Giants roster to Phillies. Here is an idea, lets compare our rosters to theirs.

    Bledsoe > Eli. This all has to do w/ keeping Bledsoe on his feet, but when he has time, he has the arm and experience to cripple a defense.

    Julius Jones> Tiki Julius is just plain more explosive.

    Dallas OLine> Giants OLine Our unit is finally getting on the same page and its showing.

    Wittten> Cocky Face it, Cocky drops too many balls. He looks great for one play then disappears. Witten isn't as flashy, but he is very consistent and has great hands.

    Glenn> Burress Different style of player, but Glenn is averaging 22.5 yrds per catch.

    Keyshawn> Tooma No contest even.

    Crayton> your third stringer. Your third string is so bad, I don't even know his name.

    Top that all off w/ the fact that our defense is way better than yours not to mention much deeper.

    The G-men beat us twice last year. It crushed BP so badly to lose to such a rotten team that we overhauled our entire team.

    The G-men have some real issues in the secondary. Those weakness alone should be enough for you guys to get kicked around just like our defense did last year when we were having issues at corner. Our offense can be very explosive and its only now starting to gel, just as our defense does. If we lose, it will be a real step back for our team. I am forced to watch the Giants every week being here in NY. Without the turnovers the Rams would have definitely beat you. In fact they gave you the game. Arizona, you guys didn't look much better than them either. Another team that handed the game to you.
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    You were being a homer to that point, but this line takes the cake...
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    Actually it is true, your third stringer stands out so littlle in games and I have watched a few that I don't even remember who he is.

    OK looked it up, its Tyree right?

    I am sure Bledsoe is sleepless at night thinking how he has to sneak passes into the blanket coverage of Curtis Deloatch. :lmao:
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    Forget their third WR. Crayton has more yards per game and more catches per game than Toomer does, he also has a better per catch average and more TDs. Now the TDs could be due to the extra game, but the others are per game or per catch measurements and extra games don't help. So their number 2 WR has done less than our number 3 WR. Essentially Eli throws it to either Burress or Shockey at this point in his career. He's not comfortable enough to really spread the ball around yet IMO.
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    I agree with everthing yousaid, but the above can also be said about us, until we show we can be consistant. So I think we, the Giants, and even the Redskins are all in the same boat, with the Eagle towing the line until they get knocked off a few more times. At this point of the season anyway, which is still early.

    And yes, the Giants has definately played the weakest teams so far.

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