Galloway: Just said another coach got canned but blew up

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Aven8, Jan 8, 2013.

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    That is not going to last without winning. The sales have stated declining.
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    If the fans raises expectations and quit buying their Cowboy gear and tickets, Jones will notice in a hurry. The problem with that is that many fans are just happy to be fans and spend their money on their gear despite an average team year after year. The fan's standards for the Cowboys have really been lowered. At one time playoffs were a given and a Super Bowl was expected.
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    That may have to do more with the economy as a whole and not the product on the field.
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    This is not exactly true, I have heard that some members of the Dallas media do check out the fan sites on a regular basis.

    If they see alot of threads discussing a certain topic, I would not think it would be unreasonable that the media would pick up on that topic and maybe discuss it in an article or on their radio show. Of course they would never admit they got the idea from a fan site.

    So to say that a fan site like this one is totally meaningless is not true, it does have some degree of influence (even if it is a very small degree).

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