Galloway: Just said another coach got canned but blew up

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Aven8, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Zimmy Lives

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    Holidays at mama and papa Garretts' homestead will never be the same. :laugh2:
  2. Lodeus

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  3. kmd24

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    Callahan would make sense. Didn't we lead the league in false starts? Plus he supposedly hand-picked Livings and Bernardeau and really didn't get much more out of them then they had shown in their previous stops.
  4. Teague31

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    This is killing me. We need answers!!!
  5. Sarge

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  6. Hoofbite

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    When you're fired, what can you really do?

    "You can't fire me, I QUIT!"
  7. 5Stars

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  8. Kilyin

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    Nevermind, it's a fake account.

    Still don't see a source for this though.

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    I'll bet it's Callahan to make room for Sporano as OL/Assistant Head Coach.
  10. DejectedFan1996

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    Haven't we lead the league in false starts since 2006?
  11. Aven8

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    Yes, but there are no other Oline coaches to fire.
  12. LatinMind

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    Lol this happened where i work a couple months back. Girl was getting fired and new from gossip. She got called in to see boss and she said before u say anything i quit and a slap. Gone. Boss didnt even get a word in. lol
  13. Doomsay

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    We have since 2009, not sure beyond that.
  14. StylisticS

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    It's probably...nobody.
  15. Doomsay

    Doomsay Well-Known Member

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    This makes the most sense. It's also the least threatening to Jason, the coddled.
  16. Aven8

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  17. Woods

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    So do you think it's Norv as OC and Sporano as OL/Asst HC?
  18. kmp77

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    "Well, uhhh......shucks..."

  19. newlander

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    the WR's IMPROVED....especially WAY is it J.Robinson: absolutely NOT IMO....Callahan? Well.....LOOK at the oline. Yep, I agree it's hard to make chicken salad outta chicken bleep but.....Jerrah has to have scapegoats so....he will hit unemployment line with Peete.
  20. Muhast

    Muhast Newo

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    Im assuming they didn't announce it because the coach is still at the facility?

    Where is Jerry when we need him? There is NO WAY he could do an interview and not slip up and say the name

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