Galloway: Why does Jerry hate Norv Turner?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Alexander, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Alexander

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    Why does Jerry hate Norv Turner?

    Posted Saturday, Feb. 01, 2014
    By Randy Galloway

    With a trip to New York and the Super Bowl coming up, maybe Jerry Jones was preoccupied last week, and suddenly his iron grip on Valley Ranch slipped a tad.

    For 30 rich football guys, meaning those without a horse in the final race Sunday , the Super Bowl itinerary is important stuff. With his club out of the running, an NFL owner has to still play the big-time game, particularly in the case of Jerry, whose team hasn’t played in the big-time game for two decades.

    Is my hotel suite at least 5,000 square feet? Are the Manhattan limos lined up and on 24-hour call? I know I’ll get some TV time, so pack the pancake makeup, and don’t forget my socks and jocks.

    Whatever the reason, strange stuff happened in Irving this week. Jason Garrett apparently kicked down Jerry’s office door and then started making coaching-staff hires and changes on his own.
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    Someone didn't get the memo that Garrett has more authority around here since Jimmy and Parcells. All these are Garrett moves because Jerry gives his HC everything he needs, or so we've been told. Lastly, Galloway is a hack reporter with no credibility. Did I miss anything?
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  3. Risen Star

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    If you don't believe the above is true, you don't know Jerry Jones.
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    I doubt bringing back Norv would add stability to this dysfunctional organization, however I do agree that Jerry doesn't like him for some strange reason. Could be what Galloway says:
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  5. Risen Star

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    Oh, I would bet every dollar I have on it. He's a sick man. Bringing anyone back from the glory days and risking success with him would be a serious blow to his ego.
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  6. Alexander

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    I think you covered it all.

    Mods, please close this thread.
  7. Dodger12

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    As is the first reason: "Norv knows Jerry too well, and would not hesitate to tell Jerry he was full of it. Jerry allows disagreement with his opinions, but not blunt disagreement. Jones knows Norv would be blunt with him."

    I think Jerry was serious about hiring Norv instead of Wade but when Jones wanted to dictate who would call plays (Garrett), Norv basically scoffed at him. Norv wouldn't let Jerry just walk all over him and dictate his staff, game time decisions or game strategy like who would be returning kicks. We ended up with a true "yes man" in Wade who probably wouldn't have another shot to be a HC.
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  8. Alexander

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    The one fact to remember is that Turner was one of the individuals at the table at Orlando who snubbed Jones' toast in 1994. I am sure he has not forgotten that.
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    Close it, why? SO that y'all don't have to read the truth from a person who has more insider info that all of us? So that you don't have to read the truth from a guy who's job it is to write about the team we love....All this article does is add to idea of how much dysfunction this organization really has...
  10. AmericasTeam81

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    Is jason Garrett not from the glory days? Was Hudson houck and Dave campo not from the glory days?
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  11. Alexander

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    They are from the glory days post-Johnson.

    Houck and Zampese replaced Tony Wise and Turner. Campo was a mascot that covered both eras, but Johnson was not exactly his greatest fan and Campo ingratiated himself to Jones as opposed to the rest of the Friday night nacho and Heinekens group.
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  12. jazzcat22

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    Why is Gallowaste such a tool!!!

    Actually, I called Norv the other day and asked him that question, not expecting, of course, a straight answer.
    On cue, Norv laughed, and then hung up.

    See, even Norv doesn't like Gallowaste...LOL

    Why is everyone so hung up on the 90's. Those SB years were a perfect storm of coaches and players. What has any of these coaches including Jimmy done since they all left Dallas, what have they won and accomplished. Have they helped any team win the SB since then? I don't actually know, didn't look it up. But all the experts may know since everyone wants these guys back. But my bet is Zero....

    Now I would also would accept it to have Norv back in here, would prefer it, but I can accept Linehan, because I'm a fan, and we pretty much don't have a choice. But I'm will want them to win from it.
    My thought is, they bring in Linehan to work within the system in place, keep continuity. Bring in Norv, he will want full control of the offense. It is not the time to do that.
    specially if it's another 8-8 season. Then you make the major change all at once.

    People talk about lame duck coaches....maybe this is a lame duck year...either get it fixed or that big change will happen. By saying that, I do not mean throw away year.
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  13. Chocolate Lab

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    Eh, I'm all for some Jerry bashing, but let's not act like he passed on Bill Belichick in 2007.

    And Jerry passing on Norv in 2007 was less about Norv than it was about Garrett. Jerry was determined that he would call plays... Why hire Norv in that case? Granted, it's stupid logic to not hire the best HC you can and then go from there, but it wouldn't make sense to hire Norv in that case, because calling plays is one of Norv's greatest strengths.

    And last year, Galloway claimed that Norv didn't want to come here because he didn't want the Jerry circus. I notice he didn't mention that here.

    Now as for this year, I don't know. My guess is that Jerry knows he might have to clean house next year and didn't want to add any big multiyear contracts. Which in a twisted way does make some sense. I don't see any way Norv would take this job over the Minny one with a fresh start, a new coaching staff, and at least a couple years' security anyway.

    Galloway is an old Norv drinking buddy, and doesn't hesitate to prop up his friends and people he likes (like Garrett) at every opportunity. You have to factor that stuff in to Galloway's columns, because he doesn't even pretend to be objective.
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  14. MikeT22

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    They were a backup QB, an OL coach and a DB coach during the glory days. Not exactly high-profile integral pieces to those teams.

    However there's more to it than that. I'm sure Norv being aligned with Jimmy and Troy and not being a Jerry "yes man" has played a huge role in Jerry not wanting him back also.
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  15. foofighters

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    The bigger question is, do people actually think that Norv could turn this thing around? That's like wishing for Jimmy to come back and coach the team. It was a different era in football plus Norv did ok in SD but I don't think he can right the ship here. It's going to take new blood and new ideas to turn this thing around.
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  16. foofighters

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  17. Bullflop

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    Agreed. Reportedly, when Jerry tried to dictate to Norv that Garrett would be the playcaller, Norv responded in no uncertain terms that Garrett wasn't nearly ready yet to assume play calling duties. Jerry quickly decided to turn to Wade as his new HC candidate. Any prospective HC who flatly refuses to submit to Jerry's dominance isn't his kind of guy. Both Jimmy Johnson and Parcells were the exceptions. Jerry needed Jimmy because he hadn't the slightest idea what to do to get started. In Bill Parcells' case, Jerry candidly confessed that his main objective in hiring Parcells was to garner public support for his new stadium. That's just the way he rolls . . .
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  18. Alexander

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    I think Turner would be fairly effective and correct some issues. If nothing for the fact he has demonstrated he can improve QB play. He did with Alex Smith when in San Francisco and made the collection of scrub QBs in Cleveland better than they were.

    Romo has always needed a good QB sounding board but unfortunately has been saddled with do-nothing Wade Wilson since David Lee left. That alone would make the hire worth it.
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  19. Aven8

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    I agree with this. That's been my biggest complaint with his team since Romo has became the QB as well. He's been saddled with Wade Wilson forever (still have no clue why we keep him around, is this dude on a lifetime contract or what?). And the majority of his career with Red. Makes me sick. Becoming Romo friendly and protecting your biggest investment would have been hiring the best OC and QB coach for him. Not toys that you feel comfortable with.

    This team sucks.
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  20. Alexander

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    He is either in the family portrait or he is Jerry Jones' supplier for ED pills.

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