Galloway: Why does Jerry hate Norv Turner?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Alexander, Feb 2, 2014.

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    I don't think he can turn it around here either, but that's far from the bigger question.

    The reason Jerry isn't interested in bringing him back is the reason why this team has been dead and buried a long time ago.
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    A mud-racking old school writer that always wanted to be like Blackie Sherrod.

    In fact, stole Sherrod's writing style.

    So he's not original by any stretch.
  3. reddyuta

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    Thank you jerry,we will now see Garrett hoisted by his own petard for hiring linehan,its all on him now.
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    Some act like Jerrals ego doesn't demise this Franchise, but you know better, mediocrity or worse taught us all something about pride before the fall and the biggest continue falling the hardest for 18 years running.
  5. joseephuss

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    Okay, but Turner has been rather mediocre since he left Dallas.
  6. Clove

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    This is part of the article I don't understand. If Garrett is running things, and he never wanted Callahan calling plays, why is Callahan here? If you think you can demote a coach you didn't want calling plays and think there's going to be togetherness/cohesiveness in the coaching staff, you're nuts.
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    Jones' ego is so big that when he talks, it takes about 30 seconds for the echo to come back
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    Yes, a hack that makes a half million a year writing articles. A featured sport writer that is nationally famous and had his own radio show. Yes, I get it. One of the most respected sport reporters in this market place and perhaps top ten in the nation. He doesn't know anything at all about what is happening at Valley Ranch.

    And even though so many former players and coaches who have worked for Jerry, including Jerry himself indicates he makes the final decisions, I'll go with your position that Garrett has carte blanche and can make all his own decisions.
  9. joseephuss

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    Galloway was a grumpy blowhard when Dallas was winning Super Bowls. He has gotten more so with age.
  10. jobberone

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    Two, Jerry remains the lone high-profile link to the Dynasty Days, and if Norv returned, and success for the Cowboys actually happened, Turner would be showered with credit. With Jerry, that would not be acceptable. Continual failure is more acceptable to Jerry.
    I don't believe that anything except family is more important to Jerry than winning another SB. And I'm not sure that includes all family members but I hope so. I doubt Garrett wants Norv here. Why would he? Norv would usurp Garrett's offensive scheme JMO.
  11. BigStar

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    This is is why I would've preferred Norv over Wade as well. He would've likely had a positive effect on Romo's propensity to try to do win the game on his own. He also would've relied more on the running game/emphasizing the OL as a premium position (before Smith/Fred more recently). Norv would've had a lot of skill position players to work with in D (TO, Witten, early MBIII).
  12. slomoxn

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    Not only do I belive it; as I read the article that thought was forming. Jerry wantss 'yes men' and someone that he can usurp credit from if they win. Jimmy telling him off in a different lifetime still leaves a bad taste in his mouth apparently.
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  13. Risen Star

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    Congrats. You don't know Jerry Jones.
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    Better question..

    Why do All of us hate Randy Galloway?

    Oh let me count the ways..
  15. bodi

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    A few years old, from 2002. Not a whole lot of new information, but I like the fact that he explains things so clearly and so simply, even to a layman fan

    After the game, (Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist) Randy Galloway comes up to me and says, "Boy, I didn't think you'd ever open it up." I said, "Randy, if you only knew. The three plays we hit in the second half, we had chances in the first half." That's the way it goes with calling plays.

    As told to Jason Cole
    NFL Insider
  16. bodi

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    as Garrett is of the Norv Turner coaching tree
  17. Randy White

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    Did Grumpy Galloway just called Stephen Jones the " pooper scooper " ???

    Oh my... :D
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    Aww, Galloway is sad that he can't get one of his old drinking buddies back in Dallas.

    Whenever he loses one of those, Norv, Don Nelson, Nolan Ryan, etc. expect the owners to get a scathing article.
  19. Wheeltax

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    I would totally give Jerry credit if he made the hire that took Dallas back to relevance. Everyone would. I don't doubt for a second that has something to do with why Jones won't hire Turner, and as such I completely cannot understand the way the man's mind works. Why doesn't he just put on the headset, draw up the gameplan, and stand out there on the sidelines as head coach himself?

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