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Game Observations

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by STSINAZ, Aug 22, 2005.


    STSINAZ Active Member

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    Ware is the real deal...cant wait to see how we look with fergy and spears in there....one thing I am worried about is the coverage by the lb's...they are trying to get everything squared away in the 3-4 and i can see why there is a problem...but IMO if Al S is going to start and HE CANT cover then why is he in there? Burnett is moving up the charts quick! he causes havoc out there....can you imagine a team with Canty on one side...Spears on the other side...Fergy in the middle...with burnett and ware coming off the edges...as long as Bradie can step up you know Dat will hold his own for the most part...what a front 7! but they have to cover...the lb's...

    Ware won that game for us singlehandedly in the first half...in a preseason game it doesnt mean much but when you look back at major impact players and what they have done in the past you see there are games they took over...like tonight...dont know what happened to him in the 2nd half but in the 1st half he stopped a few drives they probably would have scored on...that was something that LT would have done...not saying he will be an LT...just saying we have some proof now....let's see what happens from here..

    Justin B....gotta keep that guy...he is all over the place...Bill Bates like...maybe better...who knows...

    I like our depth on the D line...even with two starters out...and BP likes it too you can tell from all he has been saying about it....Thomas JOhnson...Canty, and Ratliff...they can play...thats the best part about tonight's game...those guys...do you realize we had three starters in there on the line at one time and they pretty much held their own...one of the not drafted and the other a late round pick...pretty good IMO

    O line - we need a RT...i would sign Gragg tmro...we need rivera back too and LA and Flozell need to dominate on every play...dont know why they dont...they did ok tonight but they should dominate on every play! Pettiti was ok but I would make sure I had someone going into the season...we are not sure about Pettiti...

    Henson sucks too...dont know why everyone was raving about him last year...Romo looks more fluid out there...I dont think that Henson has it...that being said Romo is not lighting things up either...hate to see what would happen if Bledsoe went down...and he isnt doing that well either!

    Julius is the man...I can see this team shaping up for the future...Stars are starting to emerge to be pillars of the team...Julius, Witten...Ware...Roy is already there...who is next? we wont need too many more playmakers to really do some damage in the NFC...IMO...about 3 or 4 more with the players we have already and the depth....I think that Spears, Canty and Burnett will start to emerge by midseason as gamechangers...

    Keith Davis...good breakup tonight

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