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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by blindzebra, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. blindzebra

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    I can't take 15 weeks of this.:D

    Who needs Price? All of our top 3 WRs had outstanding games. Glenn and Key saved Bledsoe on a couple of less than perfect passes.

    Bledsoe had a solid game, but did hold the ball too long a few times and did force a couple of throws into coverage. Luckily it did not hurt us.

    Henry was huge.

    The great: Crayton, Key, Henry.

    The good: Jones, Bledsoe, Glenn, Glenn, Roy, Nguyen, Ellis and Glover.

    The okay: Ware, Petitti, Cortez, are overall OL and DL play. We still needed to blitz too much to get pressure.

    The bad: Polite, Rivera, James.

    The ugly: Kick coverage teams, a special ugly to Polite and Fowler who both caused huge returns.

    It was not pretty. We had too many penalties. The vets made too many mistakes. Ware got abused early against the run. Every time we made a mistake they turned it into points, luckily so did we when they messed up.

    We made plays when we had to do it. We stood toe to toe with a good team and won the fight in the last round.

    This was a great start, because we won and made enough mistakes for Parcells to yell about for 7 days.
  2. Hollywood Henderson

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    I wish Dat could tackle as hard as Cortez...

    Dat was almost the goat after letting that pick go through his hands and getting pancaked & missing so many tackles...
  3. dargonking999

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    wow HH i was wondering when you woudl slip in Dat in here...but i think he did okay, i've seen worse at MLB
  4. blindzebra

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    Don't know what game you are watching. Dat freaking saved the game on 3rd down. He deflected the pass where Davis hit McCardell, without him deflecting the pass that was a TD.
  5. roughneck266

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    I thought Dat did pretty well all things considered.
  6. morasp

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    How about keith Davis? Did he seem to be in position or a step late on some of their pass completions?
  7. DanTanna

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    Dat was co-Defensive MVP. Made every tackle presetend to him, and ran over and through linemen to make tackles. He never was a wussy and tried to run around a blocker. Co DMVP.
  8. blindzebra

    blindzebra Well-Known Member

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    He got caught looking in on one of McCardells' TDs, but blew him up on the play that Dat tipped the ball on 3rd and goal.
  9. dbair1967

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    First post since the game...

    1) amazing game...hung 28 on a pretty fair defensive team...didnt think we'd win giving up more than 17-20 but we pulled it out

    2) Bledsoe had a very solid game...if he plays like this all year we're in good shape....some say he held the ball too long and he may have on a couple of plays, but he hung in there with pretty lousy pass protection most of the game...took some big hits but kept getting back up

    3) as others noted, Crayton, Key and Glenn came up huge...not sure what SD did defensively to Witten but fortunately we had other quality weapons to get the ball too...should be multiplied more when Price gets up to speed and on the field...Crayton is gonna be a very good player in this league

    4) JuJo didnt have many lanes to run through but ran hard and earned every yd...this kid is a stud

    5) we did a pretty fair job against Tomlinson, but we still allowed way too many 3rd down and long coversions and the 4th and 14 play was just horrendous...Zimmer designs some of the worst blitzes ever and I still hate him as a DC...some horrendous play calls, but fortunately we came up with the big play int in the endzone to win it

    6) Bruce DeHaven is probably the worst special teams coach in the league...nearly cost us a game today

    7) was that not a horse collar tackle on Witten? sure looked like it to me...I guess it wasnt called because it wasnt Roy Williams doing it

    8) we have a very solid 3-some at CB...memo to Zimnutz...let one of them guard the other teams best WR in the redzone on 3rd and long plays ok?

    9) amazing as it is, I have to agree with Nors about Al Singleton...I'm not sure why he got so many blitz opportunities today, but he royally sux at it...Fugita needs to see the field soon on defense

    10) though we won, I'm pretty disappointed with what I saw from the OL...SD had one of the worst pass rushes in football last yr and was consistently clobbering Bledsoe...thought Al Johnson and Rivera looked especially bad...both seemed to struggle in pass and run blocking...Bledsoe wont make it through 16 games taking the kind of hits he took today

  10. Hoov

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    I agree blind zebra, we werent getting much pressure on Breees.. did fine stopping the run after their first drive but they made a lot if first downs throwing at 3rd and 8 or so yards to go. even when we brought the house Brees had some time to get the pass off.

    Now i think SD O Line is great and LT a great blocker too, still when you blitz you have to get to the QB
  11. TheHustler

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    Polite also missed a block that led to bledsoe getting sacked and fumbling.
  12. Hoov

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    Also, i think the offense really has some chemistry, cause when we got behind they pulled it together and answered right back. Really seemed like they had confidence in each other.
  13. SPHawk

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    On one of the punt returns for Crayton, Fowler came running down field and ran right into Crayton which led to not much of a return. Bad special teams play for Fowler there.
  14. big dog cowboy

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    1. Yep
    2. Yep
    3. Yep
    4. Yep
    5. Yep
    6. Yep big time
    7. Nope jersey
    8. Yep
    9. Yep
    10. Kinda agree. Bledsoe holds on to long.

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